New Prologue of Book

Alright, here is the new prologue!!  I think this is the last time I'm changing it... at least hoping it is... 

For the past six months he came to her house every night and watched for her.  He didn’t know where she had gone, but she had to come home sometime, he thought watching her bedroom window for any signs of life.  
It had been a long time, but he still hadn’t stopped hunting.  He made it his mission to hunt at least twice a month.  Three if someone caught his interest enough to grab them.  Not being able to see her had been the one thing that had bothered him.  Where was she?  What was she doing?  Because he hadn’t seen her, she had become his obsession.  Jill Harrison had been the only one to escape him, and he wanted to make sure that was remedied.  
Seeing her light come on, he almost shouted out his excitement.  The Princess was home, he thought with a dark smile.  Walking up to the back deck, he waited until she came down the stairs.  He had to see for himself that she was back; and that it wasn’t just her sister waking up early.  
He knew it had been six months seen he had seen her, but when he saw her walking down the stairs, he fought against forcing himself into the house.  Seeing her in this condition caused an anger so deep, it susprised him momentarily.  What the hell had happened?  When had it happened?  Who had she been seeing?  He knew there had been no one before she had left town.  He had been following her religiously, and hadn’t seen anyone coming or going from her house back then.  
He had time to confront her, he told himself, moving away from the french doors.  He didn’t want to give himself away too quickly.  For so long, he had been only dreaming of seeing her, but now he would sit and watch her get ready for her day.  No more, would he be watching a dark window, wishing for the light to come on.  Now, she was back, and he would find out who it was that she had been seeing.  

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