Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guest Post by Patti Gibble

I'm honored to have my first guest post on the blog!! Patti Gibble is the author of 10 Powerful Tips for Training Unstoppable Children, and it if for sale on amazon right now!!  Thanks so much Patti, for making a stop on my blog!!!

The Best Friend for Your Child 

No one knows your child like the Holy Spirit knows them. No one can understand your child like the Holy Spirit can understand them. And no one will accept your child like the Holy Spirit will accept them. Who is He? The bible talks about the Holy Spirit being the third person in the trinity. He is the Spirit of God. He is the one who came to earth after Jesus ascended to heaven.  The Holy Spirit came to earth to help you and to help your child. He is the one who wants to be with you and assist you in your parenting role. You need somebody like Him, somebody to give you advice, somebody to give you the advice that works!  Your child needs somebody who can be with them 24/7 when you can’t be with them 24/7. The Holy Spirit is the person who understands the needs of your child, knows what they can handle and can help them with anything they need help with. The Holy Spirit is the person who is available to them all of the time. God said “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5).  He is the Spirit of God who stays with those who love and honor Him!

After I became a mom, I needed a person to guard my child when I could not. I was afraid to leave my baby alone at night even when she was sleeping. That fear caused me to get very little sleep at night. I was always getting up and checking on her. I spent my nights worrying about her, waking up in the middle of the night and just not resting when I needed to rest. I was so stressed out that I prayed to God for help.  He told me to go back to sleep and He would check on my baby. Every time I had such weird unjustified fear, I prayed for God to help me and he just told me go back to sleep that He would take care of her. At the time I did not know it was the Holy Spirit who God sent to her.  He was checking on her, He was with her and He was allowing me to sleep. Since then I have found out that the Holy Spirit is the one who had been helping my family for a long time. He guided us, taught us, welcomed us and stayed with us. The Holy Spirit has mentored us, counseled us, corrected us and protected us. He is the best friend our family has ever had and I want to publicly thank Him for always being there for me and my family.  Thank you Holy Spirit for all the times you came through for me!

You can have a friend like this for your child and for your family. All you need to do is say God I am not perfect. I can not be everywhere at once and protect my family. I need your help. I want to accept the person of the Holy Spirit into my family to help us. I know that by receiving Him I receive Jesus who died on the cross in order to pay for my sins and make all of this happen for me. Thank you, Jesus. Now come into my life Holy Spirit and I never want to leave out of my life again!  Now, read the Bible to find out more about your new friend. 

Thank you for your time and for reading this blog.  You want to find out more about me and my book so go to Amazon and type in Patti Gibble or follow the link below:  
10 Powerful Tips for Training Unstoppable Children

Thanks again Patti for stopping by my blog, and being my first guest blogger!!  I loved being a part of your blog tour!!! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Torment by Lauren Kate

This is the second book that my cousin and I are reading for our book club!  I'm almost half way through it, so I'm thinking I'll be buying Passion today after work!!!

Love this series so far.... Daniel is swoon worthy.... but I'm also liking the bad boy Cam....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review of Fallen by Lauren Kate

There’s something achingly familiar about Daniel Grigori.

Mysterious and aloof, he captures Luce Price’s attention from the moment she sees him on her first day at the Sword & Cross boarding school in sultry Savannah, Georgia. He’s the one bright spot in a place where cell phones are forbidden, the other students are all screw-ups, and security cameras watch every move.

Even though Daniel wants nothing to do with Luce–and goes out of his way to make that very clear–she can’t let it go. Drawn to him like a moth to a flame, she has to find out what Daniel is so desperate to keep secret . . . even if it kills her.

What drew me to this book to begin with was the cover.  I absolutely loved it!!  In fact, I love all the covers in this series!!

Ok, now on to the book.  My cousin and I have a book club, and this happened to be our first book we read for review.  This book was one of the many that I bought two of by accident.  So, I gave the other one to her, as I knew she was looking for something new to read.  Who knew the two of us would be done it in about two days?!?!  I could not put it down, as I had to find out what happened with Luce, Cam and Daniel.

I felt for Luce, as she was the newcomer in Sword & Cross, a reform school for juvenile delinquents.  There she befriends Arriane, who shows her around the school on her first day, and who quickly is there when she needs her.  Also, there is Penn, who becomes her best friend at the school.  It is on this first day that she first sees Daniel Grigori, and before she even talks to him, things get off on a bad start.  

Throughout the book, she's tormented by what's happened in her past, and trying to deal with these strange shadows that have followed her around her whole life.  Plus, she's getting VERY mixed signals from Daniel, who seems into her, but is pushing her away at the same time.  She's also conflicted as there is Cam that is vying for her attention, and isn't pushing her away like Daniel is.  At first, it seems she's got a hard choice to make between the two of them.  

Soon, Cam does show his true colors, and the choice isn't hard for her to make in the end.  She realizes that Daniel is the one who has always been there for her, and always will.  Who she thought was against her, are actually on her side, and one who she trusted absolutely is against her.  There is one sacrifice that saddened me, just because it was so senseless.  

In the end, it is the battle between good and evil, and Luce finds herself in the middle of it.  The action at the end of the book was amazing, and I could not put it down until I knew she was going to be ok.  There is so much going on at the same time, that I had to read on and on to find out what happens! I've already started Torment, the second book in the series, and am already hooked!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sick again!!

There has to come a point where I will go more then about a week and a half before another cold gets me.  I just over having a cold that took my voice for two weeks, and lasted over a month!  This one started last week, and hit me full force on Mother's Day.  So, Happy Mother's to me....

I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in three days because I haven't been able to breathe, and forget any writing whatsoever!! I've tried the last few days, and my focus has been absolutely not there!  The stuffiness is all I feel, and I'm at a great part in my book, that I have to get down.  Plus, I want to get into my challenge story more before the deadline.  This is not a great time to get sick at.all!  I have so much to do, and very little time to do it!

Sigh.. oh well... this cold only lasted about a week, so I'm hoping that's all it will last with me.  My luck it will last all next week as well.  Nick and the boys both had it, and it only lasted about a week with them.  As I said though, my luck it will last longer.  I just need sleep... badly, and I need to write so badly it's killing me that I'm not able to it.  Especially my challenge story.  I'm dying to see where that goes..... just because I've never written anything like it before!!

Friday, May 11, 2012


I've entered a writing challenge... for someone who is so fiercely protective of her work, this is big for me.  Also, it's a genre that I'm totally not familiar with, but I think it will great practice for me for future work I may want to do.

Zoe Harrington, who I follow on Twitter, and who I love, emailed me asking me to do it.  I, of course, told her I was interested in it.  When I saw the topics, there was one that screamed out at me.  Now, I'm scared to death, but I'm also excited about it.  I've never done anything like this before, which is why I'm excited about doing it.  I've got just over two months to work on it, so a little bit of time.

I can't wait to start working on it!  It's already talking to me... it's amazing how fast it starts, this creative process!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review of Defy by Raine Thomas

Seventeen-year-old Tate is about to make her parents’ dreams come true. Unfortunately for her, their dreams foretell her death.

Eager to explore more of the Estilorian plane and prove her abilities, Tate goes against her parents’ wishes and leaves the area of protection surrounding her home. Her choice puts her on a deadly path…one that leaves her alone, severely injured and battling for her life.

Her possible savior arrives in the form of Zachariah, a male who has removed himself from Estilorian society for more than fifty years. Fighting an unexpected connection to Tate, he must decide whether saving her life is worth destroying his.

As Tate struggles to find a way home, she ends up drawn into a dark Mercesti plot involving multiple murders and a powerful ancient artifact. With the unpredictable Zachariah as her only source for aid, she’ll soon find out if her abilities are strong enough to help her defy her Fate.

Another five stars for Raine!!

I literally read this book in two days!!  I could not put it down!  I had to know what happened, and to make sure that Tate was ok.  I was scared for her!!

This is the story of Tate, who is the firstborn daughter of Skye and Caleb.  She's seventeen, and has to wait until she's eighteen until she can get her wings.  Being a typical teenager, Tate doesn't want to wait that long. She wants to fly now!

By making one fateful decision, Tate sets a motion of events she could have foreseen.  As she's trying to get home, she meets Zachariah, who she's able to connect with through her dreams.  He saves her life, after his kragon (dragon) Nyx grabs her as a gift for him.  

I love Zachariah, who Tate nicknames "Sparky".  He's stubborn, grumpy, and is determined to keep his distance from Tate as much as he can.  Which is actually very funny, because reading how he has to talk himself out of making sure she's ok, and then actually going against what he wants to do, always made me smile.  Just because he was always mad at himself for doing it.  Zachariah, had been by himself for a very long time, with only his kragon for company, and doesn't really know what to make of Tate.  She's a new type of class, called the Kynzesti who have a second power.  

He confused by Tate's emotions, and doesn't understand why she talks funny.  It is his ultimate protection of her that really impressed me.  For someone who does spend the whole book trying to convince himself Tate doesn't matter, he proves that she really does matter.  

One thing that was very apparent was the strength of the family.  Her twin, Teige, goes looking for her with two of his cousins, and knows that Tate is alive.  What they don't know is that Tate gets involved in something that almost costs her her life.  A plot that would be very bad for everyone.  There was always action going on!  I was glued to it for two days, praying Tate would be found in time.  There was so much urgency going on from everyone involved who were searching for her.  

All in all, this was a great book!  I can not wait for Shift to come out!!  Great job Raine!!   

Interview with Raine Thomas!!!

Thanks so much for the interview Raine!!!  Raine and I met on Twitter, and trust me when I say that I consider her a friend!  She's helping me out so much with my book, and giving me general advice as well, regarding the finishing process!  When she mentioned her blog tour, I asked to be a part of it!  I was overjoyed when she said yes!!!  I'm totally doing a SQUEE right now, as I have been looking forward to this interview since she said she would do it!!   

Thanks so much for having me on the blog, Jess! It’s a ton of fun to be here. 

1. What was the inspiration for Defy? How did the idea come to you?

Because Defy is the first book in the Firstborn trilogy, it begins the stories of the children of the daughters of Saraqael. Many of the characters from the Daughters of Saraqael trilogy make an appearance in this new trilogy, though the stories center on entirely new characters. The idea behind Defy really started when a few readers said that they’d like to see a male protagonist who was entirely different from the male leads in Becoming, Central and Foretold. Zachariah is that character. Everything sort of built from there.
2. Who is the main character of the book?  What is she like?

The main female protagonist in Defy is Tate. She’s the firstborn daughter of Skye and Caleb from my book Foretold. Her character was largely shaped to be the perfect complement to Zachariah. She also had to be a blend of her parents in personality and appearance, and based upon early reader feedback, I succeeded in that. Tate is adventurous, spontaneous, fun-loving, spirited, good-humored, strong and courageous. Some of those traits get her into quite a bit of trouble, though!

3. What is Defy about?

Defy follows Tate’s adventure when she disobeys her parents’ orders to stay within her protected homeland and ends up in a disastrous situation. Zachariah becomes her unwitting savior, and his actions serve to connect them in a mysterious way. While Tate struggles to get out of her predicament, an evil Mercesti named Eirik is scouring the Estilorian plane in search of a powerful ancient artifact. Ultimately, their fates all connect…with dramatic consequences.

4. How does the Firstborn storyline differ from the Daughters of Saraqael storyline?

The Firstborn trilogy follows a different group of villains, and it takes place about eighteen years after the Daughters of Saraqael trilogy. There are also new central characters; namely, Tate and Zachariah, Sophia and Quincy, and Clara Kate and Ini-herit.

5. How long have you been writing Defy?

Defy took me about four months to complete. I’m nearly done with Shift, the second book in the Firstborn trilogy, and will then get to work on Elder, the last book in the trilogy.

6. Describe the characters of Defy.

I briefly discussed Tate, the main female protagonist in Defy. Her twin brother is Tiege. Where Tate is impulsive and tends to bend the rules, her twin is the opposite. They’re very close, despite their differences. Their firstborn cousins, Sophia and Clara Kate, are as close to them as siblings. Each of these characters belongs to an Estilorian class called the Kynzesti. They’re elementals, and because they’re new beings, their powers are still largely unknown.

The male protagonist in Defy is Zachariah. He’s cranky, mysterious, withdrawn and stubborn. When he meets Tate, he’s been on his own and removed from Estilorian society for fifty years. His sole companion is a female kragen (dragon) named Nyx. He’s what you’d call an antihero.

7. What or who inspires you to write?

There are many things I find inspiring. Music, a beautiful photograph, a walk on a gorgeous day…any single thing can serve as a source of inspiration. I also have to give a shout-out to my readers here. If not for their frequent encouragement, I don’t know if any other inspiration would keep me so motivated!

8. How long have you been writing?

It’s easy to respond, “All my life,” but that’s not quite true. I didn’t start writing with the intent to publish until about five years ago. Sure, I’d written some full-length stories that will never see the light of day, but those were really more for me than anything else. Now, I write for my fans.

9. Is it difficult writing Young Adult versus writing from an adult POV?

I don’t think so. I worked in the field of children’s mental health for eight years, so I really learned how to communicate with young adults. On top of that, I don’t “dumb down” my characters, all of whom are in their late teens or older. I was a very mature teenager with a well-developed vocabulary, and I see no reason that at least some of my teen characters can’t be the same.

10. Who is your favorite author and why?

Nora Roberts. She manages to sway my emotions more than any other author, and she always leaves me feeling happy in the end. I also love how she portrays male characters! I’ve learned a lot from her writing.

11. Why did you decide to write YA versus an adult genre?

I’ve written adult novels, though they haven’t been published. I also write nonfiction novels in the course of my wedding planning career. But I got into reading YA novels a few years ago, and once my daughter was born six years ago, I decided that I wanted to write books that she could ultimately read. Thus, I started the Daughters of Saraqael trilogy.

12. Which author would you like to meet the most and why?

I’d probably like to most meet J.K. Rowling. She’s such a private person that it would be an absolute privilege to actually get to meet her! In truth, if we were ever introduced, I’d probably just faint on the spot.

13. What type of music do you listen to?

I’m pretty varied on this. I listen to everything from Top 40 to hip hop to country to New Age. I even like songs from musicals! When I write, it’s typically with Top 40 music in the background.

14. What do you like to do while you're writing?  Watch TV, listen to music, bake?

Bake? Bake?? Bwahaha!!! Sorry…you just don’t want to let me loose in the kitchen! My hubby does the cooking, for the most part. Right now, I’m sitting on my La-Z-Boy sofa with my headphones on and Spotify playing. My hubby is next to me watching the Stanley Cup playoffs on the TV. So I guess you could say that music and TV do tend to make it into my writing routine!

Brief bio: Raine Thomas is the author of a popular series of YA fantasy romance novels about the Estilorian plane, including the Daughters of Saraqael trilogy and the Firstborn trilogy. She is a proud member of Romance Writers of America and is a contributing blogger to The Writer's Voice. When she isn’t planning weddings, writing or glued to social networking sites, she can usually be found on one of Florida’s beautiful beaches with her husband and daughter or crossing the border to visit with her Canadian friends and relatives.

Ways readers can connect with Raine:

Thanks again Raine for the wonderful interview!!  Also, thank you for including me in your blog tour!!

Please make sure you head over to Amazon and get a copy of Defy!!

Here's the link for you, just so you can!! Go... Go now and buy it!!!!

Defy on Amazon

Monday, May 7, 2012

Trying to get back to the grindstone!

After spending the weekend cleaning and reading, I'm going to focus on writing for the next few days.  I've been thinking of my book, or should I say, my characters have been constantly arguing in my head regarding their situation.  My heroine has a lot of explaining to do!!

So, I will be doing laundry and focusing on my book.  It's been screaming at me to work on it, but I had a book review and an interview to do.  So, now I can focus my energy on it for the time being.  Until the next book I need to review.  Which will be in about a week or so...


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