Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sick again!!

There has to come a point where I will go more then about a week and a half before another cold gets me.  I just over having a cold that took my voice for two weeks, and lasted over a month!  This one started last week, and hit me full force on Mother's Day.  So, Happy Mother's to me....

I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in three days because I haven't been able to breathe, and forget any writing whatsoever!! I've tried the last few days, and my focus has been absolutely not there!  The stuffiness is all I feel, and I'm at a great part in my book, that I have to get down.  Plus, I want to get into my challenge story more before the deadline.  This is not a great time to get sick at.all!  I have so much to do, and very little time to do it!

Sigh.. oh well... this cold only lasted about a week, so I'm hoping that's all it will last with me.  My luck it will last all next week as well.  Nick and the boys both had it, and it only lasted about a week with them.  As I said though, my luck it will last longer.  I just need sleep... badly, and I need to write so badly it's killing me that I'm not able to it.  Especially my challenge story.  I'm dying to see where that goes..... just because I've never written anything like it before!!

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