Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Research....

I'm eye deep in research for this book.  I changed the first chapter again... and I finally have it at a place where I like it. 

I've been doing constant research on wedding planning, beach houses, West Palm Beach, Florida, and various other things.  Once I'm done with her, then I'm going to focus on his career.  He's going to be a cop, and I may have to call my local Police Department, which may not be so bad.... Don't know what kind of cop he's going to be... K9 or a Detective... not quite sure where he's going to take me.  I'm sure he will tell me, as he's a very vocal guy! 

So, tonight is Zumba, and then home to do some reading and writing.  My favorite three things to do on Tuesdays!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm stuffed!!

Had a good Thanksgiving dinner last night!  We went to MIL's for dinner, and had a great time.  Dylan wanted Colin's birthday cake for dinner, as we celebrate his birthday with the family each year.  His birthday will be on the 1st of December, and he will be eight... OMG... how did he get to be 8???

This weekend I'm going to be writing my book more, and going to get some reading done.  I've been focusing an hour at night for reading and writing, and it seems to be working.  I've been so tunnel visioned on my book for the past few days, that reading has been put to the back burner.

Doesn't help that I've got this cold, and I now have no voice.  Every time I talk, I start coughing up a storm.  So... I've decided just to stop talking altogether!  I can't sleep because the coughing affects me at night, so I'm up pretty much all night.  I'm screwed either way...  Plus, I have never ending laundry to do. 

There is always that to do...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know it's a day early, but I won't be able to get on tomorrow to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!  I can't believe it's here already...

So, I wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's coming along...

So, I've started again with my book... and still I've changed it again.  I'm not that far into it that I have lots to change, but still I'm changing things around.  My characters are fighting me, so I have to go with them.  My hero has been fighting me on what profession he wants, and I think we've finally settled on him being a cop.  This means I have to interview a police officer about being a cop.  Which may not be too bad....

My Heroine, she's decided she wants to be a wedding planner.  She decided to tell me that last night as I was laying down to go to bed.  It's funny how they speak me to just as I'm about to go to sleep.  Probably because I'm finally relaxed and they can get through to me.  I just love this process... as annoying as the changes that keep coming in, I still love the process.  I love taking the time for research, I love taking the time for character bios, and most of all, I love writing it out. 

I've always loved writing. I love that I'm able to finally make my dream of writing a book come true!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Quiet Weekend... hopefully...

My husband has gone hunting this weekend, so that makes it a quiet weekend for me.  At least I'm hoping that it does.

I'm going to be reading this weekend, as I'm not going anywhere.  We had a bad snowstorm yesterday, so I think I just want to relax for the weekend.  Take things easy... hang out with the kids.  My dad is coming on Sunday to take the kids to the train show.  I think it will be a nice day.

I'm also going to plan on writing a bit in my book.  I like the fact that I started it over again.  Gets my creative juices working, so I can lose myself in the book.  I tried to get lost last night, but Nick came in earlier then I thought from his meeting, and my concentration was gone after that.  I hate when that happens, as I'm into a scene and it's gone!!  Just like that!

After that, I just closed the computer and got up.  I couldn't get back into it after that.  So, I'm hoping to get lost this weekend in my imagination, either with my reading or with my writing.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It has started...

Began writing my new book... second start as the first one didn't work out.  Going to keep doing the character bios at the same time as the book.  As I think of more, I'll add to them.  I was just so excited about starting it, I had to stop with the bios. 

Really excited about doing this.  The first one didn't work out for me, as it wasn't moving like I wanted it to.  Plus, the characters were fighting me.  I'm going to keep it, as I might use it again at some other point.  Who knows???

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Monday...

A new week begins again... Dealing with a sick child is always interesting.  Especially when you're trying to clean up the house!  Colin is doing great... still stuffed up and coughing, but the strep seems to be going away.  He's still on the antibiotics, and is wondering how long he's going to be taking it.  I've told him that he's taking it at least until next week.  He didn't like that he couldn't sleep over at my BIL's house, but I told him that he would feel bad if he got the other kids sick with this. 

I spent most of Friday night and part of Saturday cleaning up my bedroom.  We've moved the old entertainment center out and the one from the living room in.  It's a lot bigger then the last one, so there is some moving around for me to do still.  To make more room for laundry... which is the baine of my existence. 

Was hoping to get some reading done and hoping to get some writing done as well, but no luck on either front.  I've thought a new angle to go on my book.  This is going to completely change the storyline, but it's going to be a good change.  The one now is getting hard for me to write about.  The characters are telling me to go a different way, so I'm following their lead.  I'm thinking that this will be a better way.  I've written so much of it, that's it's going to take some time to change things around.  I gotta start somewhere, right?? 

Friday, November 11, 2011

He's on the Mend...

Well, after about 12 hours and two doses of the antibiotics, Colin is now on the mend.  He wasn't really moving last night and this morning, but now he's like a new kid!  Bouncing off the walls! 

I have a hectic weekend in order.  First I have to clean up my bedroom and dresser to get the entertainment center from the living room in it.  I have to clean out the old one in our room, and get it ready to be moved.  So much work.... Saturday, we have a birthday party to go to, and then after that??  Nothing.  I'm going to relax and try and get some reading and writing in.  I have been lax in doing both, so I want to catch up!!  It's about time I caught up! 

I would like to get a good portion of Foretold done, so I can get the review done next week.  That's my goal I have set for myself.  If I stick to it, I'll get it done!!  If my family doesn't stress me out too much, I can get it done!!  Crossing my fingers on that one....

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

One Sick Boy...

Colin is sick... he's got a cold and really bad cough.  He's going to see the doctor today, because he feels pressure in his chest.  I'm hoping the give him something for it, as it's really bad.  It's gotten worse since Tuesday, to the point I sent Halls to school with him today to help with the cough. 

My hope is that Dylan doesn't get it now.  This type of thing will be hell on Dylan.  He's going for his flu shot tomorrow, so that should be alright.  Colin probably not, because he's sick.  Once he's better, then I'll make the appointment for him to get his. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday again....

Another week is here.  Kind of a hectic weekend for me.  I was planning on getting some laundry done and then some writing done on Sunday.  No luck on either. 

Colin woke me up at six in the morning yesterday to tell me that the tv wasn't turning on.  Just wonderful, I thought, as I staggered out of bed.  Tried to turn it on for ten minutes, with no luck, then had to be the bearer of bad news to my husband.  We had no tv in the living room.  When I was finally able to get it back on, I left it on, as I knew if I turned it off, it wouldn't be coming back on again.  The children were going crazy not being able to watch it, although I had Cars on in Dylan's room.  Why I thought they would sit nice and watch it, I don't know... but there is always hope. 

Nick then had to go buy a new tv... an expence we weren't prepared to pay, but we had to get one.  So, now we have a new flatscreen tv with a new entertainment center.  The old one was cleaned out and is ready to be put in our bedroom.  We threw out a lot of stuff we hadn't seen in a long time... like cassette tapes that we don't even have a player for anymore.  A lot of VHS tapes that we don't have a player for anymore.  Who knew we had so many!!  My living room was a disaster for the pretty much the whole day, but between him and I we cleaned it up pretty quickly.  Also, he and I have a lot of CD's.  Those went in a rubbermaid bin, as it wasn't all of the ones we have. 

Something like this, makes you realize how much crap you store away.  Makes you feel so much better when you're able to get rid of it all! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My new additions....

I have a serious problem... I really do!  I have a book obsession problem!  I saw these and had to get them!  What am I to do when I get an ereader at some point??  I have so many physical books as well as the books that are in my computer. 

I saw Matched awhile ago, and thought it looked like a good read.  When I saw there was a second book, I had to get it as well.  I read the first few pages and was hooked... a good sign to me.  These will be on my review list, once I'm able to start them.  Can't wait!!!

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