Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday again....

Another week is here.  Kind of a hectic weekend for me.  I was planning on getting some laundry done and then some writing done on Sunday.  No luck on either. 

Colin woke me up at six in the morning yesterday to tell me that the tv wasn't turning on.  Just wonderful, I thought, as I staggered out of bed.  Tried to turn it on for ten minutes, with no luck, then had to be the bearer of bad news to my husband.  We had no tv in the living room.  When I was finally able to get it back on, I left it on, as I knew if I turned it off, it wouldn't be coming back on again.  The children were going crazy not being able to watch it, although I had Cars on in Dylan's room.  Why I thought they would sit nice and watch it, I don't know... but there is always hope. 

Nick then had to go buy a new tv... an expence we weren't prepared to pay, but we had to get one.  So, now we have a new flatscreen tv with a new entertainment center.  The old one was cleaned out and is ready to be put in our bedroom.  We threw out a lot of stuff we hadn't seen in a long time... like cassette tapes that we don't even have a player for anymore.  A lot of VHS tapes that we don't have a player for anymore.  Who knew we had so many!!  My living room was a disaster for the pretty much the whole day, but between him and I we cleaned it up pretty quickly.  Also, he and I have a lot of CD's.  Those went in a rubbermaid bin, as it wasn't all of the ones we have. 

Something like this, makes you realize how much crap you store away.  Makes you feel so much better when you're able to get rid of it all! 

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