Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's coming along...

So, I've started again with my book... and still I've changed it again.  I'm not that far into it that I have lots to change, but still I'm changing things around.  My characters are fighting me, so I have to go with them.  My hero has been fighting me on what profession he wants, and I think we've finally settled on him being a cop.  This means I have to interview a police officer about being a cop.  Which may not be too bad....

My Heroine, she's decided she wants to be a wedding planner.  She decided to tell me that last night as I was laying down to go to bed.  It's funny how they speak me to just as I'm about to go to sleep.  Probably because I'm finally relaxed and they can get through to me.  I just love this process... as annoying as the changes that keep coming in, I still love the process.  I love taking the time for research, I love taking the time for character bios, and most of all, I love writing it out. 

I've always loved writing. I love that I'm able to finally make my dream of writing a book come true!!!

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