Friday, November 18, 2011

Quiet Weekend... hopefully...

My husband has gone hunting this weekend, so that makes it a quiet weekend for me.  At least I'm hoping that it does.

I'm going to be reading this weekend, as I'm not going anywhere.  We had a bad snowstorm yesterday, so I think I just want to relax for the weekend.  Take things easy... hang out with the kids.  My dad is coming on Sunday to take the kids to the train show.  I think it will be a nice day.

I'm also going to plan on writing a bit in my book.  I like the fact that I started it over again.  Gets my creative juices working, so I can lose myself in the book.  I tried to get lost last night, but Nick came in earlier then I thought from his meeting, and my concentration was gone after that.  I hate when that happens, as I'm into a scene and it's gone!!  Just like that!

After that, I just closed the computer and got up.  I couldn't get back into it after that.  So, I'm hoping to get lost this weekend in my imagination, either with my reading or with my writing.

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