Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Research....

I'm eye deep in research for this book.  I changed the first chapter again... and I finally have it at a place where I like it. 

I've been doing constant research on wedding planning, beach houses, West Palm Beach, Florida, and various other things.  Once I'm done with her, then I'm going to focus on his career.  He's going to be a cop, and I may have to call my local Police Department, which may not be so bad.... Don't know what kind of cop he's going to be... K9 or a Detective... not quite sure where he's going to take me.  I'm sure he will tell me, as he's a very vocal guy! 

So, tonight is Zumba, and then home to do some reading and writing.  My favorite three things to do on Tuesdays!!

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