Monday, December 12, 2011

I was right...

I said it Friday... I was in for a hectic weekend!!  I was right.  Friday was quiet, and I was happy for that.  I got some writing done, which was good, as that's the only time I had to get any done all weekend.  Saturday, Nick was painting the living room, then we went and got our Christmas tree.  Other then mud, it was a nice time out with the boys.  We decided to put it up and let it fall over night, then we were off to Wal-mart for some shopping.  Another nice time out with the boys, but by the time we got home, I was tired; and I still had dinner to make!

Sunday, it was time for Christmas decorating.  Nick put on the lights, and the boys and I decorated it.  Of course a lot of the ornaments needed to be relocated, as Dylan put a lot of them in the same area.  Nick put up the little village that we put up underneath the tree, and then we decided to go out and see some Christmas lights.  A friend of Nicks has like 20,000 lights set up to music, so we went out to go and see them.  On our way through the village, we heard a log of sirens, only to see one of the apartments on fire.  It makes me sad... two weeks before Christmas, and there is a family now with no place to live.  We saw one person in an ambulence, so I'm hoping no one was majorly hurt by it.

Tonight, I'm not planning on doing anything.  I am going to sit down with my tea and my computer and relax.  I'm going to write a little bit, as I didn't get as much as I wanted done over the weekend.  Got some reading, but I noticed when I would sit down and open a book, Nick would be needed something!!  I'm thinking he timed that...

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