Friday, September 21, 2012

Guest Post by Doreen McGettigan

Today I am having Doreen McGettigan on the blog today!!  She is one of my amazing Twitter friends!!

Welcome to the blog Doreen!!

Thank you so much Jess for inviting me over…

Your Published…Now What?

When I was 10-years-old I decided I wanted to be a writer. In my late 20’s I finally got a job writing for my small town newspaper.  Shortly after I got that job I started my first novel. That novel sits in my office, unfinished 25-years later. Life got in the way.

In 1999, my younger brother, David was the victim of a random road rage attack. When the investigation and trial did not go the way they should have gone, I did what I always did when I was angry and frustrated, I wrote. What I wrote became my first book.

Once I knew the book was going to be published I started to dream about the release date, the release party and all of the book signings I would have.

My release date was 11/8/2011. I naively thought that day would be magic. Balloons would fall from the sky, I would have trouble keeping up with review requests and the media would be beating down my door. I couldn’t wait to go into Barnes & Noble, my local book stores and libraries to see my book on the shelf. Unfortunately there were glitches and it was not even available on Amazon. I was devastated. While my publisher dealt with the distribution problems, I turned my attention to marketing.

I suggest if you are writing a book that you pick one person that you think would love your book and write with them in mind. I did not believe the experts when they told me I had to identify my audience, my book was for everyone. I was wrong; you need to zero in on that reader right from the beginning. You also need to prepare a marketing plan and budget as you are writing.

I also suggest you come up with talking points. A 2-sentence pitch, to use as you place your book in potential reader’s hands. Plan your swag, something to put in their hands if they are not ready to purchase just yet. Bookmarkers are perfect for a book store event. I also hand out pens, notebooks and candy bars.
It was a whole month after my release date before I had my first book signing and it was in a local restaurant. A long month later I found myself on a book tour that took me from Philadelphia to Virginia, Florida and Arizona. Standing in a Barnes & Noble, meeting people that were there to by my book, what can I say…it is a dream come true!

I would say the hardest thing for me to do since being published has been finishing my 2nd and 3rd books. Here I would suggest you have your outlines prepared and as much written as you possibly can for your next couple of projects before your release date.

I have learned that after publication you will need Patience, Persistence and Persuasiveness to get attention for your book. Of course clothes are really important too. How is it possible I never even gave a thought to what I would wear…

Doreen has written for several Philadelphia area newspapers, worked in advertising, owned several small businesses, and worked with a victim’s service organization. She and her husband John are empty nesters except for two little terriers and they have 11 grandchildren. Doreen’s second book will be released in 2013.



First let me say how sorry I am for the loss of your brother... I could not imagine losing mine... 

You're advice about what to do after you're published is great! I know I'm going to be looking back at it once my book is published!  It seems so far away, but I know it will get there at some point!!  

You're book looks amazing!  Can't wait to read it!!  Thanks again for visiting the blog today!! 

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