Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Changes to the Book...

Yes, there are more changes.  Right now, I'm attempting to find the time to change a whole scene around.  Because of the changes with Jill being pregnant, now there are scenes that need to flow to fit the storyline.

I'm getting frustrated...

It's not the scene itself.  That is fine.  I have it in my head, ready to be typed or written out.  It's the time thing that is alluding me right now. I have no time to sit down with my laptop and actually write anything out!!  Whenever I do sit down, within five minutes someone needs something.

Also, I'm thinking of putting another excerpt on the book up on the blog.  I'm waiting until I have it all flowing right and making sense before I post anything more.  It has to be almost perfect before I post for all to see!!  So, it may be awhile before I post anything.  Just because the time thing is so elusive right now! My three boys are demanding!  The two little ones and the big one!!

Well, I'm off... we're helping Colin make a longhouse for his school project!  The boys are going to be hunting for sticks when they get home.  Crossing my fingers that the rain stays off until then.

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