Saturday, January 19, 2013

Raving Violet by Valerie Gilbert

Pub Date: January 19, 2013
$11.99 Trade Paperback 7.5” x 4.75”
Isbn: 978-1-937329-84-6
e-book $2.99   Isbn: 978-1-937329-83-6  
238 Pages
Audio book to be released shortly, 7 hours length.

Raving Violet
Dead Mothers, Missing Husbands, Disgusting Dates, Perverted “Reverends,” Seductive Gurus, Infamous Ingrates and Cheese Thieves. These are a few of the cast of characters that pepper Valerie Gilbert’s true tales in “Raving Violet.”

Enter the world of a solitary but intrepid New Yorker. Orphaned since (relative) youth, this divorced, smartass metaphysician has sought solace and insight from philosophers, séances, channels and mediums, a path that has, inevitably, led her back to her formidable fortress within.

Join Valerie as she scales the castle walls on her journey for love, sex, sass, a chuckle, and really good chocolate.

Love and Loss! Love and Glory! Love and Nausea! “Raving Violet” has it all.

“Valerie lives and breathes New York City and is also a gifted guide for truly magical healing meditations. She’s Ms. New York, and my virtual sister. Damn, I’m so proud of her! You will treasure this book, re-read it repeatedly, and tell your friends to buy it. Yeah. She’s THAT good!”   Bridgett Walther, author, Conquer the Cosmos, (Penguin/Plume) owner

Valerie Gilbert
Having told funny stories her whole life, Valerie started putting them on stage as solo shows, stand up comedy, in storytelling competitions and gigs, and finally (saving her breath) committed them to the written page A native New Yorker and Harvard graduate, Raving Violet is Valerie Gilbert’s literary debut.  
Actress, storyteller, solo performance artist, tap dancer, rollerblader, environmentalist, animal and peace activist, Valerie has given voice to her passionate political, personal, and metaphysical beliefs in her blog, “Raving Violet,” and here in her book of the same title.  Valerie’s second book, Memories, Dreams and Deflections will be published by Black Opal in late 2013. 

To read more about Valeria Gilbert visit: As You Wish Reviews


valerie gilbert said...

JESS! VALERIE HERE! Ms. "RAVING VIOLET" herself. A million thanks to you. My heart is full and I am pleased to meet you on this auspicious day, my release date! All best to you, Valerie Gilbert NYC

Jess's Journal said...

Nice to meet you!! Thanks so much for letting me be apart of it!!! Love the cover BTW!!! Beautiful!!

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