Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Writer's Voice Blog Tour Stop!!

Tour Co-hosts:
The Writers Voice is a multi author blog where prominent authors from around the web come together and share their thoughts on all things literary or otherwise. Here is a peek at our team of authors!

Was there ever a moment when you wouldn’t trade what you do as an author for the world? What was that moment for you?

“Yes. I had a reader reach out to tell me that she suffers from a painful chronic illness. One day, when the pain got really bad, she was having very dark thoughts. Then she decided to read Becoming, which had been sitting on her e-reader for a while. She told me that my books allowed her to escape and forget about her pain, and that she emerged after reading them in a much brighter frame of mind.”
–Raine Thomas

“Every moment I get to spend writing.”
–Emma Michaels

“I received an email from a mom whose daughter is two years old and has cancer. She was in the hospital getting treatment and the mom said at the end of the day when the hospital was quiet and her daughter asleep, exhausted from her illness she would sit in the dark and read my books and for a brief time be able to smile and laugh. That was an amazing moment.”
–Quinn Loftis

“That moment for me comes every time I get an email from a reader who says they hate reading, but that they loved reading one of my books. I love and appreciate everyone who reads my books, but it means so much to me when a reluctant reader can get excited about reading through something I’ve written. That makes all the frustrations of the writing business and writing itself SO worth it.”
–Shana Norris

“The moment I wouldn’t trade being an author for anything in the world was when I became a published author.”
–Tanya Contois

“My first 5 star review. I was like, holy smokes! I’m an author and someone liked my book. That one single review made all the hard work and stress that had gone into creating my first book totally worth it.”
–Frankie Rose

“Every moment!”
–Carlyle Labuschagne

“The moment I woke up and realized that I didn’t ever have to return to a job if I didn’t want to. There’s nothing like loving what you do. I would write and work on book stuff all the time if my family needs and physical needs didn’t interrupt—haha. This would be when “pausing time” would come in handy.”
–Brenda Pandos

“Well, actually, when I’m not writing books I teach high school dance and theater arts. I love teaching young people. They inspire me in so many ways and they’re so much fun!”
–Amy Maurer Jones

“I think that’s all the time for me. I see other possibilities for my future, but being an author is what I’ve wanted to be since I was a small child. I could easily give it up and pursue something else, but I don’t want to. Being an author is my calling, my passion. I honestly can’t imagine being anything else for the rest of my life.”
–Michael Loring

“Gosh, I don’t know of a specific moment, but emails and reviews from fans remind me why I do this. It is especially good when another author says nice things about my books.”
–Devyn Dawson

“When people, especially children, tell me that my novel is their favorite book, and they can't wait for the next book, that makes me never want to trade writing for anything else.”
–Victoria Simcox
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