Monday, July 7, 2014

Trading Lies by Amanda Chayse!!

Vance Handler can have anything he wants in this world. And tonight he wants me. When I found myself stood up on my birthday by an overworked boyfriend, caught in a downpour and disillusioned with romance, it's turning out to be one of the worst days of my life. Little did I realize that the events of the evening would set me on a path to indescribable passion, eroticism, and mind-blowing sex that I never imagined were possible. This is the night I met Vance Handler, a sexy and brilliant man with an eye for me and a talent for awakening within me new pleasures, new dimensions, and new possibilities. But Vance has a dark side and a broken past, and his rise to wealth and power came with a sweet taste for vengeance. As I discover the mysteries that make Vance who he is, suddenly our worlds collide in unexpected ways, leaving us both to face the biggest bet of our lives.
The smell of strong coffee permeated the opulent kitchen. I was wearing Vance’s borrowed silk robe. “You look good in my duds.” His eyes roamed over me before he set down his coffee. His Italian suit stretched across broad shoulders, and his presence seethed with power and dominance. Directed at me, his presence was tender, sexual, and exciting. Directed at others, he was intimidating, foreboding, and fierce. Vance stroked stray strands of my hair away from my eyes, and handed me a cup of steaming hot coffee. “I’m going to go in for a meeting today, but I want you to make yourself comfortable and pick out an office today. I left two credit cards for you on the table. Use one for your business stuff, and the other for any personal items. It’s easier that way.” I wondered why he was being so generous to me. Vance did not want to admit that inside of his powerful, sexy frame was a heart. He had everything in this world: all the money, all the sex, everything he could ask for. He could even take the rest of his life off if he wanted to. But I could tell he did what he did not only because he was exceptionally good at it, but because it gave him a sense of purpose, a sense of justice in an unjust world. But it did not give him love, or affection, or warmth. Maybe I could give him that. Maybe that was what he wanted from me. I could only hope. Or I could be dreaming. This guy has more money than God, crushes companies for kicks, and can certainly have any woman he wants. What the hell was I doing here?
*** Warning! This is an erotic romance. It contains graphic language and passionate love scenes. Mature audiences only!***
Amanda Chayse is a Romance and New Adult author who has enjoyed writing since she was just a child daydreaming in school. As she grew up, she focused on passionate stories of strong men and women, oftentimes facing impossible odds, and in relationships that made them even better together. Don't miss a single release of her latest books. Sign up for the latest updates and releases at

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