Friday, December 16, 2016

Cover Reveal for Firebird (A Survivor Series Novel) By Deborah Leigh!!

Firebird (A Survivor Series Novel)
Deborah Leigh
Dark contemporary romance with a HEA
Release Date: 4th of January 2017

  Blurb: When the worst thing imaginable happens to Mary Dougal, her physical body might have survived but her soul feels like it has died. Now the only thing getting her up every morning is the thought of revenge. Making her attackers pay will be the final act in her life. Feeling like half a man after a tragic accident, former soldier Cain “Ace” Turner has given up on even the idea of love. He’s focused on building his construction business and trying to leave his painful past behind him. With his family’s support and sometimes unwelcome meddling, he tries to just live one day at a time. Of course love doesn’t give up that easily, and it just might be the only thing to save them both. When these two meet and get surprised by possibilities, can they prove together that love truly conquers all?

 Cain gently squeezes my hand and I smile at him. James says our parents are on the patio and I lead Cain there. My dad’s eyes almost bulge out of his head when he sees Cain, then get impossibly bigger as he spots our entwined hands. My mom, thankfully, gives his ribs a good pounding with her elbow. That seems to get him out of the moment of shock and he wipes his hands on his apron that says “Kiss the Cook” so he can come and shake Cain’s hand. My mom looks as if she’s about to explode any second as she gently and quickly hugs me. “Dad, Mom, this is Cain, my contractor for the new house and, well, my date,” I say. My dad shakes his hand vigorously and even brings him in for one of those awkward man hugs. I can see Cain is taken aback. Then my mom attacks him with a huge bear hug. She wipes away a tear, trying not to let me notice, but I do. I hope Cain doesn’t feel more pressure now. I want him to be able to walk away without feeling guilty if he needs to. My mom leads us to the table and he holds out his hand to me again. I take it without hesitation and even feel a little rush. I feel some heat in my cheeks at that and he gives me a puzzled look. I lean over and whisper in his ear, “I didn’t expect to enjoy holding hands again, but this is really nice.” He smiles at me before focusing on my mom again. She hasn’t stopped talking yet—everything from her garden to the building industry. I want to tell her she’s babbling, but I leave her to her fun. James comes out and brings Cain a beer. He offers me a glass of wine and I refuse. I get up and go get myself a soda. I open it myself and pour it. I don’t take my eyes off it the whole time.

  Author Bio: 
 Hi my name is Deborah Leigh and I'm a 40 something stay at home mom to a wonderful Angelbaby, Hannah-Rose, who has special needs. Writing is my passion and in any spare time I might have, I read a lot. My dream day is relaxing with my little one with lots of cuddles in my pajamas and writing up a storm in the evening. I love chocolate and coffee and just about anything else delicious and bad for you. I live in South Africa and i sometimes envy places where it snows. Find me on Facebook at

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