Friday, January 27, 2012


Friday is here again!!!  Finally... What are my plans for the weekend... well there is the usual.  Laundry and cleaning up the house, but I'm also going to write.  I haven't gotten a lot done over the week, at least not as much as I've wanted it.

My SIL is having a girl's night, so I'm thinking I may go to that.  I haven't had any time away from my kids, and I'm think a girl's night is just the thing I need.  I've been going stir crazy with my children, and I need a break.  A BIG break.  I've been wanting to pull my hair out for a the last little while.

The most important thing is getting my writing done.  I'm starting a hard scene, just because it's my villian, and it's really hard to see inside of his head.  At least he makes it hard....

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