Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ok... just wow....

So, was writing last night after my Zumba class, and my main character gave me a twist that I totally wasn't expecting her to give me.  I followed her lead, but it still surprised me, after I wrote it.  I'll let it flow, see where it takes the story, but so far, I'm liking it.  Now, I have to change the prologue to flow with the twist!

I'm about to head to the store, and pick stuff for dinner.  I'm hungry, and it's lunch time for me!!  I had a great surprise this morning!  I weighed myself, and I was under 160 pounds again!!!  I've gained a few pounds back, and have now lost them!!  Yay me!!!  I wanted it off, before I got lazy again!  Don't want to get back up to the size that I was!!!

So, two good things happened to me!!  I love that my character gave me this little twist to work on.  I'm curious how my hero is going to react!!!!

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