Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekend Time....

It is Friday!!  Colin is back from spending four days with my dad, and he had a great time!!  Didn't want to come home!  Now, he is with my BIL, so he's having a great time this week!  Busy week for him!

Me??  I had a great day today!!  I got to interview Carlyle Labuschagne, which was amazing, because she's such a lovely person!  Thanks so much for that Carlyle!!  I'm going to be writing tonight, continuing on making changes to the story.  There are parts that don't make sense now that I've changed where I'm going with it.  I had an original idea that I was going with, that has changed since I started.  So, that has changed the whole storyline now!

It's supposed to rain most of the weekend, so that means laundry, and cleaning up from the week.  Plus, more writing, if I'm able to get to my computer!  The chaos has started, since my son is back home with Dylan, so that means more stress... but I've missed it.  I've loved the quiet while I've had it, which was nice for my writing!!  I got more done then I thought I would!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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