Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Dylan!!

Happy Birthday to my little man Dylan.  He is four today, in fact he will be four at around 3:30pm.  He's growing so fast, and I do miss the days when I would be up watching Zumba ads at two on the morning with him sleeping on my chest.  Makes me want to keep him like that forever.

I know that I can't; I know that he, along with his older brother, are going to grow up into men.  One thing will never change though... he will always be my baby.  Even when he's 80, he will always be my baby boy.

Dylan a few hours old after he was born.  

His monster costume last year!  He looked so damned cute!!!!

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Lena said...

My son just graduated from high school and during the ceremony I was specifically remembering the baby I held while he slept~one of the graduating sons wrote a really good song from a son's perspective and specifically remembered, via the song, 'the baby you held while he slept on your chest'~It was a song for his mom. Tears flowed copiously, it reminded me perfectly of every moment with my then young son. If it had been even slightly cheesy I wouldn't have cried, but it was so well done and spoke perfectly of that shared experience that it could have been written for me.....Bittersweet,but incredibly worth it.


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