Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Still Here...

It's me!  Just wanted to post that I'm still here.  I haven't left!

I've been pretty busy.  Between dealing with both of the boys being sick, my HB being sick, and ME being sick... twice.. with the same headcold, it's hard to focus enough to post anything.  I'm coming down with ANOTHER cold, that I thought was allergies, but it's not.

I have been writing, which I'm thankful for!  I'm working on the changes still, and working them into the storyline slowly.  There's so much that I've written, it's going to be interesting to see how this twist affects everything and everyone!  Plus, I'm still working on my Writer's Challenge, and I love where that's going.  In fact, I love it so much, that I've already chosen this genre as my next book!  Hard to think about doing a second one, when the first one isn't close to being done, but I am!!

Plus, I'm reading Passion by Lauren Kate, for my book club with my cousin.  There is only two of us in it right now, but that's enough for me!  We love this series, and can not wait until Rapture comes out NEXT WEEK!!!!  Sooo happy!!!

Other then my normal routine, that's pretty much what's going on.  Nothing outstanding, but I'm still here.  I love the way my book is coming along, and I love the way my writer's challenge is coming along, plus reading... I'm happy!!

Nick is looking into buying a cabin, so that's just another place for me to sit, write and relax.  I love the idea of going out to the country, where no one can reach us, and sit and relax.  If I can read or write, I'll be happy!  It doesn't take much...


tina reiter said...

Hope you all start feeling better soon.

I am just starting a blog of my own. It's really just a place to voice my thoughts, ideas, frustrations, etc. You have one of the best blog pages that I have ever seen. I have currently set up 2 addresses one at wordpress and one at blogger. Trying to figure out what is best. Do you have any advice or tips?

Tina -

Jess's Journal said...

Thanks!! Although, I can't take the credit for it. Janice Foy designed it for me! She did such an amazing job! I am over the moon happy with it!

Advice.... I love blogger. I started the blog, set it up the way I wanted, and it wasn't good enough... it had to have more. I would talk to Janice, because she's amazing!! Trust me!! What kind of blog are you doing? I wanted to do a book blog, where I could do reviews, post my book, interview authors, that kind of thing. Also, post my frustrations, thoughts... progress of my book, and my frustrations with that.

I think... start to think what kind of blog you want to have first. Work from there. I hope that helps!

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