Monday, October 1, 2012

Disappointed in myself...

The first weekend in a long time that I was offline, and I didn't get one word written.  At all!!

I'm so disappointed in myself... I feel like I let down my characters by not writing this weekend.  I'm determined to write tonight, just because I haven't taken the time that my book deserves.  My characters have talked to me a lot, so I know there is so much to be written!  If only I had three more hours in the day to work on it!!  I would get lots done then!!

I'm off now... heading to the daycare to pick my crazy little man!!  Then home to make dinner.  After that, then my laptop gets opened and I lose myself in the book.  If my children allow it that is...

It's a little post today... hoping I can get on later today maybe to post more!!

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