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Interview with Annabell Cadiz, Author of Lucifer

First off, let me start by saying Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Today we have Annabell Cadiz visiting the blog today!!!  Welcome to the blog Annabell!

Jessica: What is Lucifer about?

Annabell: LUCIFER is the first book in the SONS OF OLD TRILOGY and follows Zahara Faraday and her family. During the day, Zahara and her family work normal jobs, live a normal life but when nightfall hits, Zahara, along with her father Solomon who is all human while her mother Mia and Aunt Catalina are Light Witches, hunt down rogue supernaturals—supernaturals who are up to naughty and deadly things (i.e. stealing human memories, drinking their blood). Enter Lucifer. He possesses a human vessel and sets out to use Zahara’s family as part of his plan to get revenge against Heaven. He has a past connection with Zahara’s family and will make them pay for what was done to him many years before. There’s murder, kidnapping, Nephilim battling Light Witches, Imagoes (supernatural creatures that can suck out human souls and control the element of water) battling Zahara and her family, fairies trying to steal memories, and flirt fighting romance. Fun stuff ;)

Jessica: Who are the characters in Lucifer?

Annabell: There are a good number of characters in LUCIFER:
Zahara Faraday (Kick-Butt Main Lead)
Becca King (Best Friend & Sidekick)
Bryan Hamilton (Hawt Male Lead)
Rekesh Saint-Louis (Powerful Imago Coven Leader)
Solomon Faraday (Zahara’s Father)
Mia Faraday (Zahara’s Mother & Light Witch)
Adam King (Becca’s Father)
Ariel King (Becca’s Mother)
Leanian (Imago & Rekesh’s Right Hand Man)
Lucifer (Powerful Fallen Angel)
Samyaza (Fallen Angel & Lucifer’s Follower)
Chamuel (Fallen Angel & Lucifer’s Follower)
Ashadeus (Fallen Angel & Lucifer’s Follower)
Dustin Michaels (Rogue Cadtellus & Has a Pet Wolf Named Bandit)
Charles (Fallen Angel Turned Good/Owns a School Where He Helps Orphaned or Abandoned Children of Rogue Supernaturals)
Jason (Nephilim)

Jessica: What/who was the inspiration for Lucifer?

Annabell: The inspiration for LUCIFER came from a few questions: What would happen if Lucifer had a child? How would he go about convincing a woman to have a child with him? Would he care if she fell in love with him or just force her? Would he be able to fall in love with a human girl? Would he be changed by that love? My story ideas always begin with a question and spin into madness from there *muahaha*

Jessica: What made you want to write a story involving the devil?

Annabell: I have always been fascinated with the story of the fallen angels from the Bible. How Lucifer rebelled against Heaven and took a legion of angels with him. Why would he betray Heaven? What would he do if he had the opportunity to extract his revenge? Thus, placing a character as the devil.

Jessica: What/who inspires you to write?

Annabell: I am a MAJOR book-a-holic! Books inspire me. I LOVE to read and have to fight myself to keep from reading and focus on other stuff I need to get done (even now the books call out to me!) I’m also inspired by opposites. Light and Dark. Love and Hate. Life and Death. Pain and Healing. I like to explore the way people handle facing opposites.

Jessica: How long have you been writing?
Annabell: I’ve been writing off and on since I was sixteen years old. I wrote my first book when I was sixteen with my best friend at the time but never published it. That book is a hot mess! But I came up with the concept for the FALLEN ANGELS SERIES which moved into the SONS OF OLD TRILOGY and got more serious about writing a few years later.

Jessica: Tough question here, who is your favorite author?

Annabell: Awe man, that question is tough! I LOVE so many authors! I don’t think I can name just one author but I’ll name one of my top favorite authors: Stephen King. I have an entire shelf dedicated to just his books. He can scare the daylights out of me and keep me hooked until I finish the book!

Jessica: What is your favorite book series out now?

Annabell: Ahhh! Another tough question! I’ll just use the first one that came to mind. I LOVE the Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead, which is ironic considering I hated the Vampire Academy Series with a passion. I love how much of an awkward nerd Sydney Sage is. She has been so sheltered and grew up in such a controlled setting and is insecure in many ways about who she is. But she’s also a girl who will jump into a fight to protect the people she cares about and to clear an innocent person’s name. I think because I’m such a bookworm and nerd, I can relate to her so well. Plus, I like a girl that doesn’t go all stupid just because a hot guy blinks in her direction. And I like that she’s a girl who is SMART and STRONG. She doesn’t use her looks to entice people but her brain.

Jessica: Who would be your perfect book boyfriend?

Annabell: What is with these tough book questions, Jessica?! lol There are so many yummy ones *hehe* I’m going to go with my top three because it’s too hard to choose between them *giggle* *blush* : Adrian from the Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead, Barnabas from the Madison Avery Series by Kim Harrison, and Jason Shepherd from the Dark Elite Series by Chloe Neill.

Jessica: I like to listen to music while writing, what do you like to do while writing?

Annabell: Most of the time the TV is on as background noise. Sometimes I’ll listen to music (like Family Force 5 or Paper Tongues). Sometimes the house will (miraculously) be silent. A lot of the time I’m snacking while I’m writing. I have a snack stash in my closet *hehe* Cinnamon Teddy Grahams, Doritos, Capri-sun juice packs, Kix cereal lol.

Jessica: Totally random question:  I know you like the Beautiful Creatures series, so who is your favorite character?
Annabell: That’s also a tough question. I’d say it’s a tossup between Link, Macon, and Ethan (for the male characters). Link is just the best friend everyone would want. He has your back through everything, even when he’s terrified out of his mind, and has such a good heart. Ethan is the sweet, cute boy next door who is totally clueless about how to act around girls which just makes him adorable. Macon is powerful, deadly, and carries himself with this old world elegance. I can’t wait to see how they’re portrayed in the upcoming movie!


Thanks so much Annabell for visiting the blog today!!!  I know... the book boyfriend question?  Really hard... I have too many to choose from!!!  How do we pick just one??  

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