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Review and Interview for Blood on the Moon by Cassiel Knight!!

Title: Blood on the Moon  
Author:  Cassiel Knight
Published:  Sept 30th, 2012
Publisher:  Champagne Book Group
Word Count:  85,000
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Content Warning:  Mild Adult Content
Recommended Age:  17+
Mia Langdon—tomb raider and adventure-seeker—has everything she wants. Freedom. Independence. No chains (a.k.a. a man). Her troubles begin when she’s attacked on a dig in Peru. Soon, she’s forced to use her tomb raiding talents to find the flaming arrows of an Egyptian goddess. In the wrong hands, this weapon could destroy the human race—and nearly had.

Used to doing things her own way, it isn’t long before she figures out that she needs the help of Harrison Braden Stanton, her stuffy, but so yummy, Egyptologist and ex-lover. There’s one problem. He despises what she does. As Mia and Harrison find themselves in the middle of a battle between the Egyptian gods and goddess, there’s no choice for the woman with a Grand Canyon-sized independence streak and the man working for the Egyptian god, Osiris, but to work together to prevent the destruction of all they love.

Title: Key of Solomon  
Author:  Cassiel Knight
Published: March 1st, 2011
Publisher:  Samhain
Word Count:  85,000
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Content Warning:  Mild Adult Content
Recommended Age:  17+
Anthropology PhD candidate Lexi Harrison never bares it all when she belly dances for a strip club crowd. She doesn’t have to—she’s that good. Every performance earns money toward her degree, and restores the sense of power that her painful childhood ripped away.

Something is different about tonight. A man whose silver gaze seems to touch her skin beneath her veils. When a rowdy customer crosses the line, he comes to her rescue with the speed of a falcon—complete with wings.

Mikos Tyomni has never seen anyone dance the raqs sharqi like Lexi. Trust his tormentor, Archangel Michael, to put him in close contact with the cause of his downfall: a mortal woman. Particularly this mortal woman. The Defender. He has only thirty days to win her trust before Hell’s deadliest demons attempt the mother of all prison breaks.

No matter how sexy the messenger is, Lexi’s career plans don’t include some crazy idea that she’s the last line of defense against the forces of evil. Until her university mentor’s murder leaves her holding the key to Hell. And fighting a losing battle against a passion with the unholy power to bring down Heaven…

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This book was a cross between Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones... I loved it!!  

Mia Langdon isn't happy when her partner Graham decides to make a rather dangerous decision without asking her first.  To find the flaming arrows of an Egyptian goddess, and Mia wants no part of it.  Unfortunately, the woman who wants them found isn't taking no for an answer.  

To make matters worse, in order to find them, Mia needs the help of Harrison Stanton.  Her ex-lover, who she still has feelings for.  They don't see eye to eye, as he hates what she does, and she doesn't understand what he does.  They are at a crossroads, but know they need to find these arrows before they get into the wrong hands.  She knows they are dangerous and the person who wants them knows just what they can do.  

As I said, I loved this book!  I loved getting lost in the adventures of Mia, and wish I could do that myself at times.  She is a modern day Tomb Raider, and is proud of what she's accomplished.  She's fiercly independent and does not like the fact that Graham has put her in this kind of position.  Because of him, he's put and the people she considers family at risk, and she will stop at nothing to protect them.

Harrison was similar to Indiana Jones.  He was a professor and curator of Stratford Museum, and he knew just how good Mia was.  He just didn't agree with what she did with the artifacts after she found them.  I loved Harrison, and although he was a bit serious at times, you knew he still had feelings for Mia.  He also knows how dangerous the arrows are, and is told by his father he needs to move them.  

There was action from the very first word of this book!  I can not wait to read it again and again....


  1. How long have you been writing?
I’ve always written but didn’t think about writing as a career until much later in life. Like in my late thirties. I don’t remember anything specific that led me in this direction. I just remember always writing. I loved English Composition and writing essays, I was the editor of my school’s newspaper and since then, it seems like I’ve always written. For company newsletters, produced training documents and handbooks and even did some legal writing. And once I started reading romances, I was hooked on writing fiction.

  1. What or who inspires you to write?
No one inspires me to write except my imagination and how much I love writing and being involved in the publishing world.

  1. What genre do you like to read?
I’m an eclectic reader and what I read really depends on my mood. Right now, I’m in a horror frame of mine and have just finished several really wonderful spooky books by Michaelbrent Collins who I discovered. I’m also a picky reader and while I love urban fantasy, I’m tired of the same old trope. Because I have limited time to read, I need to be hooked or I’ll put the book down. And when I put it down and don’t think about going back to it, I’m done. I love action-oriented books, which I write. I love characters but for me, it’s more about stuff happening. The books I read tend to cross genres but they all have lots of stuff happening.

  1. What is your favorite genre to write?
Right now, all my books are paranormal romance/urban fantasy. I love this genre because of the otherworld aspects of the things that go bump in the night. I think it’s also because I really get to use my imagination with this. However, my absolute favorite genre is science fiction romance and I’m actually, among working on my series, writing two science fiction romances. Taking my characters into the stars, for some reason, really excites me. I blame it on Janelle Taylor’s Moondust and Madness and Dorchester Publishing for their LoveSpell books in the nineties.

  1. Who is your favorite author and why?
I really have two - Jim Butcher but for his Harry Dresden series only. I tried to read his fantasy series but after Dresden, well, I can’t read him as anything else. I just love the world he created for Harry, and I’m in awe of his imagination. My second favorite is Stephen King. Seriously. He’s so wickedly scary and such a genius at creating terror on the page. I’ve read his On Writing book a number of times. It’s quite inspirational.

  1. What do you love about writing and why?
I used to play with Barbie dolls and make up stories with them. I think it’s the creative aspect I like. Plus, I love to research and continue to learn. And, I love words—love crafting sentences into an interesting and entertaining story.

  1. What is the book about?
Blood on the Moon is the first in the Children of Egypt series about the half-immortal descendants of ancient Egypt’s gods and goddesses born to protect mankind against ancient relics with a thirst for human blood.
Key of Solomon is book one of another archeology based story that features fallen angels and demons and quests for magical objects that threaten the safety of the world if the bad guy demon gets a hold of them.

  1. What or who was the inspiration for the book?
For Key of Solomon, book 1 of my Relic Defender series with Samhain. At the time I wrote this, there wasn’t a lot on the market about fallen angels and I really wanted to write about them. Plus, I loved Tomb Raider and got the idea of combining fallen angels, demons and a woman on a quest for an ancient book that controls demons. All this combined made Key of Solomon and the characters that fill it.

For Blood on the Moon, book 1 of my Children of Egypt series, again, here I am with my Tomb Raider love but this time, I married it with my love for all things Egyptian.  I wrote this book so I could write my own version of Lara Croft who turns out to be the daughter of an Egyptian goddess. Her hero is the son of an Egyptian god. The idea was to turn this into a series featuring the half-blood children of Egyptian gods and goddesses battling it out for various dangerous to mankind relics.

  1. Who are the characters in the book?
In Key of Solomon, the main characters are Lexi and Mikos (fallen angel), Beliel (bad demon) and an assortment of secondary characters who were also fun to create including Marisol a fiery female fallen angel and Jackson, a sexy Texan, who get their story in book 2 coming out in May.

In Blood on the Moon, we have Mia my tomb raider and Harrison, ex-lover and Egyptologist. Plus, we have a jewel thief and ex-bad guy. The most interesting part is they are all children of Egyptian gods and goddesses.

  1. If you could have five authors, alive or dead, who would they be and why?
Jim Butcher and Stephen King for the reasons I noted above.
JK Rowling because I love, love, love Harry Potter and I’d love to meet the woman behind the series
Nora Roberts because I admire her so much.
Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child because I’d love to talk to them about Pendergast and how much I love that character and their stories

About the Author:
 In the job that pays the mortgage and allows her to indulge in her real passion, writing, Cassiel Knight works in the beautiful state of Oregon. Crazy-passionate about the romance writing industry, Cassiel has a paranormal romance series featuring fallen angels and demons from Samhain Publishing, an urban fantasy through Lyrical Press and a Egyptian mythology/archeology series with Champagne Book Group. She writes paranormal romances with kick-assitude that blend archeology and mythology – just a few of her favorite things.

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