Friday, February 10, 2012

The Broken Destiny by Carlyle Labuschagne Book Cover Reveal!!

Here it is...

The Broken Destiny
Book One of the Broken Series
By Carlyle Labuschagne

Her Destiny is to Rise against the fall that threatens to take her soul.  Her soul is the Key to unlocking a secret
weapon.  But to know her soul she has to hate it first, and the come back from that.  Her Destiny starts with Betrayal.
The Broken

I can not wait to read this book, as I've been wanting to read it since I first started talking to Carlyle on Twitter!!  I'm not patient when it comes to book I really really really want!!!  I hate waiting until September..... yes, I'm whining.... 


Mireille said...

It turned out beautiful!!

Jess's Journal said...

It did!! I love it!!!!

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