Thursday, February 2, 2012

Character Profiles!!

I am starting them today!  Mostly because I want to make my characters better, esp the villain.  I'm going to run with an idea that came to me last night regarding him.  To do that, I have to do a character profile of him.

I've never done one before, as I've usually just written out what's in my head.  I have so many stories that I've started and haven't finished.  I'm determined to finish this one, and to do that, this is a way to make it better for the reader.

Now, I have to put my nose to the grindstone, and start them.  Hoping it won't take me away too much from my book, but I feel they need to be done!!!


Jane Isaac said...

Hey Jessica - I find character profiles hard work too, but it does help when you get part way through a novel and forget something specific about them like their age, house number, habits - I use mine as an easy reference guide for continuity:) Thanks for sharing.

Jess's Journal said...

I got some sample ones off of the internet, and will work from them. I'm excited about starting them, as I've actually given my characters this much attention before.

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