Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Haven't posted in awhile...

I've been absent from the blog for a few days... I've been so busy between my everyday life and writing, it's hard to get on here to post!

I'm sick today.  Woke up with a massive head cold, and my head feels like it's in a cloud.  I know where I got it, and I'm pissed that Dylan's teacher gave it to me again!  This is where I got my last head cold and it didn't leave for over a month!  I had no voice for a good three weeks!  I'm almost at that point now...

The boys are all set for Valentine's Day!  Other then stuff to buy for Dylan's party he's having, they are all set to take Valentine's to school!

My writing... I have written in about a week, and my characters are pissed at me.  I'm writing Character Profiles, so want to get them done first before anything else is written.  Doesn't mean the characters have to like it though... so I may have to break down and write something tonight just to make them happy.  They have so much to say, and I have very little time to say it.  Sigh... that's probably why I've been on edge lately. No time to sit and relax while I write.

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