Thursday, August 2, 2012

Busy Month Coming Up!!

August 1st was the start of a very busy month for me this month!  I'm part of three... yes three blog tours this month, and have three books to read for review!  I know I can do it!!

I'll be reading, so that means writing will be put to the side, but that's ok!!  I'm in the middle of a rough scene, and this just gives me time to think about it more!  My villain has changed his mind on who he wants for his next victim, and I'm hating him for it.  Just because who he picked is such a sweet person, and there's nothing I can do to warn her.  Yes, I am that invested in my characters!  She's one of my favorites... So, I'm taking my time writing the scene of him starting to stalk her.

It is Thursday today, and that means one more day until the weekend!  My MIL gave her deck, so Nick is going to be working on that this weekend.  At least I hope he is.  He just has to go pick up the lumber for it from MIL's garage, and then replace our current deck that is rotting.  Also means I have to do some cleaning in my dining/sewing room, as that's where he's going to be walking through to get to the deck.  Nothing major, just moving around some books... many books.... and tidying my sewing stuff up.

Also, I'll try and get some writing in this weekend, as I know I won't be able to focus on it much in the coming weeks.  Trust me, I've fought the villain on this decision, but he's adamant about it.  He's fighting me back, which means I have to go with him.  Why does he have to be so evil?!?!  Sigh...

You'll be seeing lots of posts from in the coming weeks!  A few reviews, an interview and another giveaway!!  That's three that I will have going on!!!  I'm excited about it!!  Just because the books that are being given away are great!!!

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