Friday, September 20, 2013

Review of Frozen Secrets by W.S. Greer!!

Detective Jarrod Granger is a homicide detective with the Anchorage Police Department, investigating a slew of murders in the city. The killer is stabbing his victims 19 times each, and cutting out their tongues, and he has already struck three times. Detective Granger's own past may get in the way of his present and future, but he and his partner, Detective Misty Lawrence, must trudge through their tumultuous work relationship to track down the killer who has been dubbed The Tongue Snatcher. 

Stacey Alexander is a guarded 26 year old unnatural redhead, who is unshakably loyal to her father Vincent. She works day in and day out to take care of Vincent since he has been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, and she would do anything to keep him safe, even when she meets a detective who is quickly falling for her. But, Stacey and Vincent have a dark secret; one that bonds them together more than any "normal" family. And soon, Stacey will have to choose between protecting the father that she loves, or accepting the love of the detective who is zeroing in on a familiar target.


Jarrod Granger is a detective struggling to get his reputation back.  After making one catastrophic mistake, he's hoping this new case will help his career out.  

This book wasn't my normal book that I would read, which is why I love being a book reviewer!  It allows me the chance to read books that, usually, wouldn't catch my eye.  Frozen Secrets is a mystery, romance and suspense novel all in one.

Someone is killing elderly people in Achorage Alaska, and it is up to Detective Granger and his partner Detective Mitsy Lawerence to find out who is responsible.  Jarrod is unsure, struggling to find a lead to the killer.

At the same time, he meets Stacy unexpectedly, and knows she's different right from the start.  To his surprise, she rebuffs him, but that doesn't stop him from taking a chance and giving her his number. His feelings for her scare him, but he really wants to get to know her.  

I read this book in a day and a half, as I had to find out what was going to happen.  Things start heating up with Stacy, but Jarrod starts noticing there are people at work who are out to get him.  People who he trusted.  It causes a downward spiral that Jarrod wasn't expecting.  

This book surprised me, as I didn't know what to expect.  I don't normally read mysteries, but book was so much then a mystery!  It had romance, suspence, action and an amazing ending that totally threw me!  I love when that happens!

I loved Jarrod!  He was unsure of himself, but deep down, he was a good cop!  He hated having his decisions questioned because of one mistake.  



W.S. Greer is the author of the smashing success, Frozen Secrets, released in June of 2013. W.S. began writing in March of 2013 and has found success as an indie author, gaining a constantly increasing following in the indie world. W.S. likes to explore genres, but his constant is suspense. Dabbling in the erotic world with his newest book, Claiming Carter (November 2013), W.S. Greer looks to continue to bring the world page-turning, heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat books, filled with suspense, erotica, and romance. 


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