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Review for Octavian's Undoing by Airicka Phoenix!!!

No good deed goes unpunished.

Riley Masters learns this the hard way when she finds a wallet and decides to do the right thing. But returning it will cost her much more than she bargains for.

Abandoned by her mother, raised by an indifferent father, Riley has accepted the fact that she would be alone always. She has no idea that a single act of kindness would propel her into a world where creatures that shouldn’t exist guard the human race from the demons that lurk in the shadows. That it will cost her the lives of those she loves while unearthing a destiny she never imagined with a man who is forbidden to love her. She finds passion, romance and the family she’d been searching for her entire life, but at what cost and what is she willing to sacrifice to find answers and happiness?

Octavian Maxwell has always known his place. He is a Caster, a Son of Judgment. His job is to protect the mortal world from the creatures plotting to destroy it. Instead, his world is shattered when a human girl walks into Final Judgment, a girl he has been searching for his entire life, a girl he is forbidden to ever touch. Being with her will break the oath he’s sworn to never love a mortal. But his heart has already found its mate and it refuses to let go.

Final Judgment… a place undetected, a gateway to evil and a legend that will undo everything anyone has ever known about our world.

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I've got to say, I've been sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting to read this book!!  When I saw she was writing it, I was literally waiting impatiently for it to be done!!  

OMG... this was so worth the wait!!!!  

Riley Masters is nineteen and unemployed.  She's desperate for a job.  Her mother left when she was five, so she's been forced to grow up too quickly and take care of her father.  Her life takes a turn for the better when she finds a wallet in the parking lot of the post office.  

When she goes to return the wallet, she discovers Final Judgement.  A diner that she never knew existed.  Also, to her surprise, she is offered a job by the people who own it.  Octavian, the owner of the wallet she is returning is not happy to see her.  In fact, he's desperately trying to change her mind about taking the job.  She doesn't understand why, but she needs the money and doesn't listen to him.  

Soon, she starts feeling a pull towards Octavian.  He makes it clear that he wants to maintain distance between them, but she doesn't understand why.  She starts noticing the people at the diner aren't really people and she's convinced that she's crazy. The things that she's seeing can not possibly be real!  

Then, something happens between her and Octavian.  Something that wasn't meant to happen. Something, that if found out, could end her life and Octavian's if found out.  But it was fate, intervening because as much as Octavian was fighting it, she is his mate.  Unfortunately, he isn't allowed to touch her, because there is a big chance he could kill her.  

Riley, knows nothing of this.  She's confused, and Octavian and his family aren't opening up to her about it.  The pull to Octavian is even stronger, and she wants nothing more then to be with him.  

At home, her father is getting worse.  The resentment she feels for him, finally comes to a boiling point, and she can't remain quiet about it anymore.  This sets off a strings of events that nearly cost her life, and two of Octavian's brothers.  She finds out her father makes a deal with the devil, and it comes at a heartbreaking cost to him.  She's forced to make a split second decision that will save her, Magnus and Gideon, but it's one she will always have to live with.  

The one thing I loved about this book was the sense of family.  Riley had never known what it was to have a family, and she soon gets that with Octavian's family.  She gains three brothers, and most of all a woman who becomes the mother she has always yearned for.  Kyaerin was my favorite character in the book.  Just because she accepted Riley into the family right from the beginning, and worried over her just like she was her own daughter.

When Riley finds out that someone wants her dead, she's terrified about what is going to happen. Octavian and his brothers will stop at nothing to protect her, but it is soon too late.  Before Octavian can stop it from happening, she's turned into a Strigoi.  A Forsaken vampire.  Octavian is devastated, but he's determined to find the one who attacked her and left her for dead.  

What made me sad was when Riley tried to reconnect with her mother.  It is not the happy reunion she had hoped it to be, but it makes her and Kyaerin grow closer then ever.  Riley has always thought of her as a mother, and now has the freedom to think so.  

I read this book in honestly... three days!!  I loved it!!  My favorite brother was Magnus.  He was a little standoffish, but he loved his family fiercely, and would do anything to protect them.  

I loved, loved, loved this book!  It did not disappoint me!  I felt for Octavian and Riley when they were forbidden to touch each other.  They yearned for each other and each time they would try, one of the family would know and stop them.  You could feel Octavian struggling between his need for her and his need to protect her.  Once Riley learns the truth of what Octavian is, she doesn't run away like he was scared she would.  She accepts him and his family, just like they accepted her.  


Airicka Phoenix is the Best-Selling author of The Touch Series and Games of Fire. She also has short stories in Whispered Beginning: Clever Fiction Anthology and Midnight Surrender. When she's not hammering away at the keyboard, she can be found banishing pirates or crawling through the attic looking for lost treasure with her kids. She loves baking, gardening and reading. She also likes to travel and take pictures of everything she comes across. When asked, Airicka describes herself as a sarcastic basket case that has an unhealthy addiction to chocolate, old movies and really bad jokes. She loves to laugh, make friends and write. If she could have one wish granted, it would be to spend one day as a fly-on-the-wall inside Stephen King's mind. If she could have two wishes granted, she would ask for a castle dedicated entirely to her overwhelming collection of books.


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