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Review of Wasted Heart by Nicole Reed!!

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Yeah, they all hold true.
How can you explain to someone what it's like not to care? Not about yourself or the person standing next to you. I've lost that, the ability to feel and show affection.
Sometimes, when I chase the dragon, it thunders through my head like a drum, reminding me it still beats.
It's still there.
My agent says I have one more shot. A single, solitary chance to stay in the music biz, but there is one massive problem.


This book was so not what I thought it would be, and I loved that!!  When I started reading Ryhe's POV, I was surprised and saddened at the same time.  

Rhye is an addict, who is at rock bottom.  When he's told he's got one more chance at making a record deal, he quickly realizes there is more to it then he was lead to believe.  Not only does he have to work with the country star Syn Landry, but he's living with a babysitter who the recording studio hired to make sure he kept himself clean for the duration it took to make the album.

He's angry and wanting nothing to get high and forget the constant guilt that plagues him.  His past isn't pretty, and he feels responsible for what has happened to people he loved.  What he wasn't expecting was this little slip of a girl to worm her way into his life.

Syn, has her own problems, and she tries her best to keep out of Rhye's way.  Her heart and fate have different plans for them.  She knows he's an addict, and she knows he's facing demons the should couldn't dream of facing.  But she loves him, and she knows that for him to be completely happy he has to face those demons head on.  

I really enjoyed this book!  I loved the transition from Rhye's anger and resentment to the world to acceptance of Syn and Josh, although extremely hard.  His struggle to stay clean is always with him, and he is not perfect.  

Syn, facing some problems of her own, wants nothing more then for Rhye to be happy.  She knows he's damaged and tormented about his past.  His life has been hard, and she tries, in vain, at times to help him overcome his pain.  She's surprised that she falls so hard so fast, but he needs her, and she needs him.  

I read this book in about two days.  I wanted to find out what happened with them!  I really wanted these two to be happy.  Especially Rhye.  For so long he had held onto guilt that wasn't his to bear; and all I really wanted for him was to be happy.  I felt sad for him, and hated to see the inner struggle he had to not take a hit of drugs.  Even though he knew he didn't need it, the urge was always following him.  

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Meet Nicole
   Author Pic I love angst….I thrive on it, but only the fictional kind. I adore a story that grips the reader from the beginning and doesn’t let go…EVER. I’m an avid reader who just recently discovered my love of writing. My favorite things in life include my three wild & crazy kids, Reese’s Pieces, and every genre of music. I reside in the Deep South. Currently, I am writing a new adult/contemporary romance story that I can’t wait to share. I also plan to release Rhye’s story, Wasted Heart, in 2013.

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