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Review of Faith's Temptation by Rose Dewallvin!!

Faith's Temptation Cover
Faith Ann has always lived a simple life as the farmer's daughter until one day something happens that will change her life forever. Now faced with the choices of flight or fight, she leaves home and doesn't look back. Setting out on the journey of a lifetime.

Ryder Porter is the golden child of the DDMC. Thought to be a bad boy, he is also known as a teddy bear to the women that he lets in. Which are few and far between. Ryder is used to getting what he wants, so when fate intervenes and shows him something he wants, he goes for it. Though Faith is not his usual easy conquest.

Faith has never been one to give in to anything, but will Ryder be able to persuade Faith to give in to this temptation?

I'm saying it again... I love it when books surprise me.  I was on the fence about reading this book, as books about Biker gangs aren't really something I read about.  I've read a few, but they aren't what I usually grab and read.

Faith decides to leave home after a huge betrayal from her boyfriend Beau.  Knowing she has to start over, she finds herself in Kentucky.  When her brother freezes her account, she's forced to get a job and fend for herself for the first time in her life.  Meeting Layla, and getting a job at the truck stop she owns changes her life.  She literally bumps into Ryder on the way out, and he makes it known that he wants her.

When he first sees her... he almost hits her with his truck as she's crossing the street.  From then on, he's fascinated by her.  Imagine his surprise when he sees her waiting tables at his sister's restaurant.  He makes it his mission to make her his, and he will stop at nothing to get her.  

Faith wants nothing to do with him at first.  Yes, he stirs feelings in her she wasn't expecting, but after what happened to her, she doesn't want to have anything to do with men.  She's terrified of being hurt again, and doesn't want a replay of getting her heart broken.

Ryder has secrets of his own... he's had a rough life.  One that he knows Faith will not approve of.  He knows that she is the one for him, and he's willing to change his life for her.  He just has a job to finish first before he can do anything with her, which makes being away from her that much harder.

I really liked this book.  It wasn't like any of the other MC books I have read.  I understood why Faith was apprehensive about getting involved with anyone, because what happened to her is beyond betrayal in my view. She just doesn't understand the determination of Ryder.  Out of fear for her safety, he decides to keep away from her, which makes her believe he's playing games with her, but he quickly changes her mind.

Ryder is amazed by Faith, and what kind of girl she is.  To him, she is everything, and he will stop at nothing to be with her and keep her safe.  
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Growing up in a small town close to Seattle, Rose saw many different walks of life. But growing up around bikers and rockers, she experienced most things people only dream of.
Now a thirty’s something wife, mother, sister, aunt and best friend –she is devoting her time and energy to bringing these experiences and many more to you in her books. Contact via Email

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