Friday, April 19, 2013

Gravely Inanimated by Esther Wheelmaker!!


It has been thirty years since England was plagued by zombies. Humans fear for their lives while the dead kill the living.
By the cover of night, a man known only as Aeron hunts these creatures. On one foggy evening he finds Lucille Knight's life in jeopardy and Aeron's interest is instantly peaked when he saves the young lady.
But Aeron will have competition when Lucy meets Lord Garrett Ashdown, son of the Inventor, Earl Thomas. 
Lucy is drawn to the masked man and equally mysterious Lord. With one concealing his true identity and the other hiding a ghastly secret, she does not know which one is less dangerous.
Will she be able to be with the man she chooses when she learns the awful truth?

This was my first steampunk novel, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it!  Also, it had zombies which made me weary... they aren't something that I'm interested in reading.  This changed my mind!

When Lucy first meets Aeron, it's not a situation she wants to repeat.  He saves her from certain death by zombies, and makes it known he's interested in her.  She's nothing like the other women he's encountered.  Shes' curious about him, but keeps her distance.  She's still reeling from the abandonment of her fiance who left her a former friend, and can't seem to stop rubbing her nose in the fact they are now married and happy.

One person who is always by her side is her best friend Emily.  She is one person who protects her whenever her ex and the new wife are near.  They are extremely close, and would do anything for each other.  

When Lord Garrett Ashdown introduces himself to her at a party, her world starts to change.  His father is the inventor of the automaton's which are used to kill the zombieThere is something about him that draws her, and she's curious about her feelings.  Unfortunately her father has different ideas when he makes it known that he doesn't like Lord Ashdown.  At the same time, Aeron continues to visit her at night to make sure she's alright.  She's convinced the man is there to purposely annoy her.  

It is when Lucy and Emily decide to go to a concert without their parents knowing that she is faced with an unexpected secret that Garrett is hiding from her.  She's hurt and confused, but that is put to the back burner when Emily is taken from her in the most heartbreaking way.  She knows she will be blamed and hated, but she doesn't have a choice in what she is forced to do.  

While she is mourning the loss of her best friend, Garrett's mother decides to take her under her wing.  When Lucy tells her she will think it over, the decision is taken from her.  His mother wrote to her father and he made the decision for her.  This angers her and causes some resentment against the Countess for her intrusion.  She comes to realize it was done out of concern and nothing else.  

When she moves in with the Ashdowns, she finds out the rumors of a Voodoo Queen are true.  This woman is the one responsible for the zombies invading England.  Garrett has his own reasons for wanting to find her, and Lucy makes the decision to go along with him.  She loves him and doesn't want to see him get hurt.  She will do anything to protect him, even if it means her death.  

I honestly really enjoyed this book!  I loved Lucy, and I loved her with Garrett.  He isn't who he first seems in the book, but he loves her completely.  He seems to see the true her inside, and love her despite her issues that she has.  His mother, who seems demanding and cold, is really a loving woman, and wants nothing more then her son and Lucy to be happy.  


Her name is Esther Wheelmaker and she is the author of the new, Zombiepunk Series.
With Gravely Inanimated (book one) coming to life, she is pounding away on her typewriter to try and get book two out. However, she is easily distracted by sparkly things.
Her background is a mystery and all anyone knows is she loves hugs, corsets, steampunk, books and Mozart….
…Let's face it…Everyone likes a girl with a little mystery.


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