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Review and Interview for Love You More by ML Stephans!!!

Title: Love You More
Author: ML Stephans
Genre: New Adult Paranormal, Romance, Suspense
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

My life had been fabulous, but that was before I was murdered.

There are only two things in a person's existence that truly matter—before and after.This is my after.

Caught in a realm between life and death, Jade is torn between the unexpected love of a stranger, or catching the people who killed her.

With the clock ticking, she struggles to find a way to save the life of her best friend while holding on to the man that she loves.

One decision might leave her stranded in limbo for all of eternity, yet the other could destroy her happiness.



1. What is Love You More about?
 Love You More is about a woman who struggles to accept her own death while attempting to discover truths about her killer as well as herself. Things are not always as they seem in this paranormal tale of intrigue and mystery and the character discovers that she isn't who she thinks she is.
2. Who are the characters in Love You More? 
 Jade, Claire, Mason, Reed, Ella, and Chad. 
3. Who/What was the inspiration for Love You More? 
Although I can't imagine going through the trials that Jade and Claire went through, my personal experience with the paranormal inspired me.
4. How long have you been writing? 
Since I could hold a pencil and form words. I've written short stories and poetry since I can remember but began my first attempt at writing novels nearly 25 years ago. I made one excuse after another as to why I couldn't complete one until 2012 when I tossed out the excuses and did it. Since then I have published 7 books and 2 short stories and am currently working on a new novel.
5. Who/What inspires you to write? 
 The characters in my head demand that I tell their story. They are my inspiration.
6. What is your favorite genre to read? 
I love almost all genres but my favorite would is paranormal and mystery.
7. Who is your favorite author to read? I love J.R. Ward, Sandra Brown and Lisa Jackson
8. What do you like to do while you're writing? ex. I listen to music! 
I drink coffee or listen to television. When the weather is nice I take my laptop outside and enjoy the sounds of nature. 
9. How would you describe your style of writing? I enjoying writing in a way that is real to life. Rather than write to the readers, I want try to share an experience with them. I want them to feel as if they were there.
10. Who is your favorite book boyfriend?  Mine?  Would be Jace from The Mortal Instruments!!!
Jace is a great one! My favorite book boyfriend would have to be Darcy from Pride and Prejudice or Qhuinn from the Black Dagger Brotherhood created by J.R. Ward.
I have not read Qhuinn's story yet, but from the cover... he's yummy!!  Great choice for a book boyfriend!!


I was almost in tears many times throughout this book.  Jade and Claire are driving home from her Bachlorette party, and little do they know how their lives are going to change.  Jade is getting married in a week to the man of her dreams.  

One fateful decision at a truck stop brutally ends Jade's life.  The book doesn't end there... this is Jade's journey for the truth to come out about what happened to her.  Her best friend Claire is in a coma, her fiancee is struggling to come to terms with her death, and there is a stranger she is feeling drawn to and doesn't know why.

On her first day as a ghost she meets Madame Ella; she doesn't understand how she can see her, but she welcomes it immediately.  I loved Ella, and I felt for her.  She was a damaged woman, and Jade helps her see the one ghost she can't.  After that, they have a very close bond.  There are things Ella won't do to help out Jade and her situation, so Jade is forced to do some things herself.  At the same time, there is this is stranger Mason distracting her and he's always around.   

When she realizes they have a history together, she finds she can't stop herself from being around him.  She's conflicted, because she believes that she cheated on her fiancee Reed.  When she sees Reed coming in for a session with Ella with his cousin, she comes to a realization that is almost her undoing.  She's not who she thinks she is, and finally understands why she feels the connection with Mason and not with Reed.  

At the same time, they are trying to catch the people who killed her and put Claire in the coma.  She is able to give Reed the information about them for him to take to the police.  They have an idea who is responsible, so with Reed's help they are able to stake out the truck stop being used.  I could not stop reading, as these two horrible people caused a lot of damage, and didn't show signs of stopping their horrible acts.  

Finally when she and Mason are able to assist in the capture of the two responsible for killing Jade and two other girls.  In the process, Mason makes a fateful decision that causes him to disappear from her life forever.  She's devastated and desperate to find him.  

Once Claire wakes up, she meets Chad.  She's known of his exsistence from Ella and Mason, and grows really close to him.  He is the only one who knows what she went through, but she's still wondering where Mason went.  He broke the cardinal rule of not interfering, and now he was gone.  

I loved this book, and could not stop reading it until it was done!!  Ella was my favorite character, because she was a sweet old lady, but tough as nails at the same time. She had rules when it came to ghosts, and there was no breaking them.  


I'm always clicking away at the keyboard, but when I'm not, my family, my two dogs, and a very peculiar cat keep me on my toes!  There's never a boring moment at my desk!  Besides my obvious love for coffee and all things caffeinated, I love to travel.  The occasional tourist stop is fun, but I'm a back road kind of gal!  Take me off the beaten path. I want to meet the ordinary people behind the culture.
My crazy family includes a husband, four kids, two grandbabies, two dogs, and a cat.  That's right! Life is totally insane! Now you understand why I write!

Speaking of writing, I've been spinning stories around the campfire, since I can remember.  Poetry is second nature, and as a teen and young adult, short stories were constantly being penned.  I'm an avid reader, who loves almost all genres. Let's face it!  A good read is a good read, regardless of whether it takes place in the future, the past, or with ghosts!


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