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Review of Paint Me Beautiful by CM Stunich

Title: Paint Me Beautiful
Author: CM Stunich
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Page Length: lots J
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“I'm dying to be beautiful.”
My story isn't unique. You've heard it before. I'm just a girl who doesn't eat as much as she should. See, I have goals, big ones, and nobody is going to stop me, not even a boy named Emmett. He has good intentions and he's hot as hell, but he doesn't understand what it's like to want something so bad that you'll do anything for it. I'm going to become a model, even if it kills me. Dream big or go home, that's what they always say, right?


It is about Claire Simone who is bound and determined to be a model and make it big.  She’s convinced that her size two frame is not good enough, and she will do anything to keep food from entering her mouth.  When she meets Emmet Sinclair, her world changes for the better; at first she’s afraid of her feelings for him, but she can’t seem to keep away from him.  What she doesn’t know at the beginning is how important he is to her life.

Throughout the book, Claire becomes more and more obsessed about her weight, and becoming increasingly anxious about the food she’s eating.  Her family knows something is wrong, but she’s managed to keep them at bay with excuses.  Her older sister Marlena seems to see her little sister withering away and mentions it to her parents.  Because of this, Claire makes some decisions that impact her life.  And not for the better.

When she goes to see a designer for a fitting, little does she know just what this one appointment will do to her.  She starts obsessively exercising, drinking nothing but water, and eating no food at all.  She doesn’t see how skinny she is; all she sees is how fat she is, and where she can lose more weight.  I found it scary that someone can be that obsessed about their weight, and have such a skewed vision of their body image.  It was sad to see her putting herself and her body through this, and all I wanted to do was hug her. 

My concern with Emmet was that he didn’t seem overly concerned about her lack of eating.  Throughout the book, you know she isn’t going to get better without some kind of professional help.  She loves that he doesn’t judge, that he’s so easy going with her.  He’s worried about her, but I felt that he should have been more concerned regarding her health.  They also had a whirlwind romance, which I thought was a bit rushed, but it can happen!  They loved each other, and because of that I felt he should have been more concerned for her.  She was slowly killing herself, and he wasn’t really doing anything about it. 

I really enjoyed this book.  I loved the chemistry between Claire and Emmet, and I loved that he was there for her no matter what.  Whenever she needed him, he was there to pick her up and take her home.  He was her rock when she desperately needed one.   

I can't wait to read the next one to see that she makes it through ok!!! 


C.M. Stunich was raised under a cover of fog in the area known simply as Eureka, CA. A mysterious place, this strange, arboreal land nursed Caitlin's (yes, that's her name!) desire to write strange fiction novels about wicked monsters, magical trains, and Nemean Lions (Google it!). She currently enjoys drag queens, having too many cats, and tribal bellydance.
Always a fan of the indie scene and 'sticking it to the man,' Ms. Stunich decided to take the road less traveled and forgo the traditional publishing route. You can be assured though that she received several rejections as to ensure her proper place in the world of writers before taking up a friend's offer to start a publishing company. Sarian Royal was born, and Ms. Stunich's books slowly transformed from mere baking chocolate to full blown tortes with hand sculpted fondant flowers.
C.M. is a writer obsessed with delivering the very best and scours her mind on a regular basis to select the most unusual stories for the outside world.


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