Friday, April 5, 2013

If I have a book in my hand...

.... don't talk to me!!  I was talking to an author friend of mine (LP Dover, that would be you!!) about this.  I finished her book Love's Second Chance (OMG, AMAZING!) last night, and I was telling her how my HB came in while I was just finishing up.  Of course... because I'm reading, that gives him the perfect opportunity to starting talking to me.

Now, if you're an avid reader like me, you don't like being disturbed while you're reading.  I know I don't... if fact, I'm known to get nasty if I'm in my reading zone and get yanked out of it by someone (usually HB) to talk!  My children are one one thing... they are almost always asking for food to be made, so I know that can't get nasty at that.  HB is a totally different story altogether.  When it's obvious that I'm reading or writing for that matter, I'm in a zone.  I'm in total concentration mode and if I lose that, I can't get back there.

Last night, he came home from his meeting, and proceeded to tell me how it went.  While I'm trying to read over what he's saying, because I'm in my zone... my head is in North Carolina with the characters from the book, and he then gets nasty with me because I'm not listening to him.

Seriously.... REALLY?!?!?!

That's when I want to hold up whatever I'm reading and be like... DUDE, WHAT AM I DOING RIGHT NOW??!?!?

I love my husband more then anything, but there are times I just have to shake my head!

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