Monday, April 22, 2013

Lessons from the Gypsy Camp by Elizabeth Appell!!

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The day Elizabeth Appell was expelled from parochial school for her essay describing the life and death of her dreaded fourth grade teacher, Sister Theodora, she learned the power of the written word. She has never stopped writing. In 1980 she and a partner founded DIGIT, a computer magazine for kids, which hit the world slightly before it's time. 

Blessed with a relentlessly naggy muse, she's written several novels, one published so far, a slew of award winning screenplays, several plays, one produced in Los Angeles, an arm full of short stories, many published in literary magazines, and two award winning short films. She and her husband have traveled extensively. After visiting southern Spain she hungered for a taste of the art of bullfighting. After three days of training at Camp Bravo in Escalon, California, she entered the ring to fight (bloodlessly) a brave calf.

In 1979 Appell wrote a poem which was featured on the cover of the promotional newsletter for John F. Kennedy University. She was credited as editor of the newsletter, but not as the author of the poem, which has gone on to strike chords in hundreds, maybe thousands of people. For over twenty years it has been attributed to Anais Nin. The credit for the poem now belongs to Elizabeth.

And the day came,
When the risk to remain closed in a bud
Became more painful
Then the risk it took to blossom.


Young Lolly Candolin journeys into a forbidden gypsy camp, befriends many lively outcasts, and unwittingly becomes entangled in murder. Knowing who the true killer is, Lolly struggles with the decision to either speak up, thus setting an innocent man free and devastating her abusive lawyer father hell-bent on destroying the gypsies, or remain quiet and allow a terrible injustice.


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