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Character Bio of Shaun Scott from Welcome To The Family by Caroline F. Levy!!

Hi Jessica. Firstly thank you for having me on your wonderful blog. A big hello to all your readers.

It’s an exciting time for me, with Welcome to the Family coming out. So I thought, as you are being gracious enough to give me free reign with this guest post, I would tell you a little more about one of the characters from, Welcome to the Family. 

The kind of stuff I would want to know about a character, that you just don’t get from the book.

 I don’t know about you guy’s but I always wonder about the little things. From what junk food they might like to eat, to boxers or briefs lol. So here goes.

All about....

Shaun Scott 

Born on the 21st August 1988? Birth sign Leo

Shaun is by nature possessive. He loves to show off what is his, and if anyone tries to take it from him, they had better watch their back.

Coming from a single parent mother who didn’t want him, Shaun grew up in the foster system. He continually rallied against any-one who tried to help him.

Often landing in juvenile detention, just a month here and there, he makes sure he doesn’t get caught for anything worse than the odd act of vandalism or car theft. In Shaun’s eyes these offenses don’t hurt anyone.

On his last visit to Juvi for pinching a car, he met Father Gerald, who managed to talk him into going onto a mechanics course.

On completing the course he is let out of Juvi and comes to town walking into the coffee shop when Angela is on shift. Has he been sent? Or is it fate? That one will be answered later 

He manages to get a job at Topline Motors with a little help.

Shaun’s favourite dinner is lasagne. It’s about all he can cook lol.

Favourite sweets are strawberry bon-bons.

Shaun loves to play darts and pool with the lads. While he’s out he likes a drink. Larger is the alcoholic drink of his choosing. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s cold and wet.

He also likes music, his favourite band at the moment is Fall out Boy. Their latest hit, The Phoenix is in Shaun’s words ‘rockin’... 

P.s ladies just in case you wondered. I asked, Shaun is totally a boxer’s boy ;)

Unfortunately I have run out of time with Shaun, he will be back with Protecting the Family, so I will have to come back and do a little more digging 

I hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about Shaun. Heads up, he’s quite the bad boy, and proud of it... 


“Do you believe in things that go bump in the night?”

At only a few hours old, Angela is left on the steps of St Paul’s church. Alone in the world, the only link she has to her past is a pink blanket bearing an emblem with two crossed swords and a snake.

A troubled childhood spent in orphanages leads to Angela attempting to rebuild her shattered life as an adult. Meeting the priest who found her eighteen years previously, she gets a job & boyfriend, and settles into her new life. 

Until she meets Jack.

Drawn to her new boss, she throws herself into work, feeling an unusual bond with people she hasn’t known very long. 

Angela becomes embroiled in this new life, feeling a change within herself. A change which isn’t altogether human. Within this change she finds a terrifying secret…a secret which involves her past, her present, and definitely her future…


I was born In Chatham Kent in 1970. I now live in Yorkshire with my Daughter and our five mad cats’.

My first memories of any book would have been my mother reading The Enormous Turnip. It must have driven her mad, as it was always our first choice when asked what we should read tonight.
I grew up with the classics; Little Women, The railway children but it would have been the house that died and blue beard that I can remember wanting to read.

I can remember writing a verse for the school song and being chosen as a winner for what was then 3rd year juniors. I stopped reading so much in my late teens to my mid twenties, life seemed to always be too busy for that pile of books I so wanted to read. It was when I went into hospital to have my daughter that made time for me to read again and thankfully I haven’t stopped since. However it wasn’t until my late twenties that I realised I wanted to write. I have spent a few years trying to complete an online creative writer’s course; without much success, but it led me to what I am writing now. So never give up if you really want to write! 

I am very influenced by Fantasy fiction / Horror; most of the books I read are in this genre. I have many Authors I like to follow Anne Rice was very influential in the beginning. I also discovered Laurel K Hamilton and many, many more I could go on about different Authors I like to read. However I will say that this year I have also discovered there are literally; well probably thousands of very talented Indie Authors out there and a very welcoming and friendly bunch they are too, but I digress, yes I get very excited about the subject of books. 

I have finished my first Novel called Welcome to the Family which should be ready to publish by the end of April this year. I also have other Novel’s in the pipeline, Nikki’s Revenge & Protecting the Family. Due out later in the year.


Thank you Caroline and Shaun for visiting the blog today!!!  I look forward to reading the book!!  It sounds awesome!!!


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