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Review of Bound by Jessica Chase

Title: Bound
Author: Jessica Chase      
Genre: Erotic
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ATHENA MONROE is a struggling author who has just come out of a relationship. RYDER PIERCE is a billionaire who is used to getting what he wants. But when Athena comes into his life, everything changes. Soon, the troubled Athena realizes that Ryder will stop at nothing to get her.




This book is about Athena Monroe.  She's broken up with her cheating fiancee, and while standing in the rain, she meets Ryder Pierce.  She's weary of him at first, since he's a total stranger to her, but he makes her come around eventually.  While living with her best friend Penny, Athena finds work as a copywriter for a pretty big company.

Being a freelance writer, she jumps at the chance quickly.  When she realizes her allusive boss is Ryder himself, she's tempted to quit.  Believing Penny tried pulling a fast one on her, Athena confronts her friend immediately.  When Penny is clueless about it, she goes back to work, not sure of what to do.  

At the same time, her fiancee is frantically trying to get back together with her.  His incessant testing and calling are almost too much for her.  When he confronts her in front of a coffee shop, he is a little too demanding for her to take.  When Ryder comes to her aid, she's mortified about what this means for her job.

A chance meeting with him causes her to have a pretty horrifying morning after.  Not for the reason you think.  She finds herself telling him things about her fiancee she hadn't voiced to anyone else.  When she in turn asks him about his personal life, he hedges.  She's instantly curious about it.  

When Ryder attempts to make his feelings known to her, Athena clams up.  She's scared about getting involved with her boss.  Soon she overcomes her fear, and goes to Ryder.  She can't keep away from him anymore.  

They go on a date and have a great time together.  Athena believes they are doing great as a couple.  Until she catches Ryder is a very compromising position.  She finds out that he likes things in certain ways.  Things she may not be comfortable with, but she's willing to try them with him.

When Ryder finally tells her about his personal life, she instantly feels horrible for him.  She doesn't understand why he won't do anything to make the situation better.  I thought, personally, certain things in his life should have played a bigger role in the story.  

It is when Athena and Ryder are confronted by her ex that things start coming apart for them.  She finds out Ryder had his own plans set in motion the night they met, and they weren't good.

Hurt and angry, Athena keeps her distance from him.  He pays her a visit, explaining his actions for what he did.

I loved this book even though there were aspects of Ryder's lifestyle that made me a little uncomfortable.  Ultimately, it made him who he was, so I looked past it. 

Athena, I felt was perfect for Ryder.  She, at times, appeared fragile, but her strength came out with it was needed.  Because Ryder was such a strong presence  her stubbornness kept her from getting smothered by him.  

He could be incredibly insecure, but Athena was always able to comfort him.  I thought they were the perfect opposites for each other.




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