Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Week Gone....

Wow, how time flys!  Friday is here again, and another week is gone.  I have so many things on the agenda this weekend.  I'm  planning on working out tonight then focusing on reading Foretold by Raine Thomas, and then hoping, as I cross my fingers, that I can get some writing in as well.

I'm working Saturday overnight, so maybe I can focus on some of the time on that.  I'm thinking it won't be that busy that night.  At least I'm hoping it won't be.  I've got a head cold, so I'm not feeling my best.  I hate working night shift when I'm sick, as it's hard for me to focus and concentrate.

Oh well, I'll get through it.  Like I always do... nothing like being in my own bed though.

Have a good weekend everyone!  I'll talk to you all Monday!!

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