Monday, October 10, 2011

Mad at Myself...

The first thing I thought I would be doing this morning was posting my review for Central by Raine Thomas... but as usual, nothing I thought I would get done, got done.  I got some reading in Saturday night, and was hoping to finish the book then, but alas... no. 

I hate when I set goals for myself, and I don't get them done.  I feel that I let myself down a little bit.  I was hoping to write the review Saturday night and finish it Sunday, but nope... I'm just so mad at myself.  Also, disappointed... because I really wanted to finish it, and make myself take that time I need to read the book, and maybe do a little writing afterwards. 

Hoping tonight will be different.... I just have laundry to do, so I can read in between loads... crossing my fingers!!

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