Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review of Central by Raine Thomas

For avid student Olivia Murdoch, life on the Estilorian plane is filled with wondrous adventure. Every lesson about her new existence is both exciting and challenging. Along with her sisters, she embraces this non-human half of herself.

Helping with her lessons is her Gloresti, James. Teacher, scholar and distractingly attractive, James takes on his roles of Olivia’s guide and protector with equal dedication. As he learns the human emotions that Estilorians no longer experience, he starts to see Olivia as much more than just an assigned pairing.

The physically weakest of her sisters, Olivia trains hard to learn things that no typical human classroom can impart. When they travel to “Central,” the Estilorian base, she comes to understand why she must become strong enough to defend herself. She and her sisters are targets.

Not all Estilorians welcome them. In fact, more than one would see them dead.


 Another five star rating for Raine!!  I was so excited about reading this book!  

What I loved most about this book was James.... I loved Olivia, but I loved discovering the different emotions with James as he felt them for the first time.  You feel all of them... anger, jealousy, happiness and finally... love.  The way he feels about her is endearing to read, because he's so very honest and real about it.

While Becoming was the story of them discovering who they were, this is the story of them becoming who they are.  It is the journey they take from being humans to being Estilorians.  

Olivia is a gentle soul, who is able to communicate with animals around her.  Aurora, her feline friend from the human plane, transitions with her into the form of a white panther.  In this book, you really see the depth of their relationship.  

There is a small twist in the book, that totally took me by surprise, and I loved it!  I actually cried out when I read it!  It was a happy surprise, but a surprise nonetheless.  

As the relationship starts to grow between James and Olivia, and they discover their feelings for each other, it is tested when Olivia is kidnapped by the Mercesti.  Through the help and love of her family, she is able to fight her way through it, and get back to safety, getting back to James, and the people who love her.  

Like Becoming, I could not stop reading it!  My only wish was that my everyday life didn't get in the way of my reading it!  My first thought yesterday was... I have to finish this tonight!  The ending was pulling me to finish it, so I sat down, pulled out my laptop, and read it to the end!  I loved it, and again, like Becoming, it brought tears to my eyes!  Such an awesome series so far! 

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