Monday, March 4, 2013

Character Guest Post by Erika Lindsen

Today I have Kat Meloncamp visiting me on the blog today!!  She's part of The Bloodlust Series by Erika Lindsen, which I can not wait to read!!!

I wish I could say killing zombies is fun. At best it’s exercise, but I wouldn’t put much in that classification. It’s hard work. For something that’s rotting, the damn things hold together pretty well. I’m here on Ms. Jessica Wentz’s blog to give her readers a quick tutorial on zombie killing.

As for weapons, most would love a gun. I do. Nothing blows their brains into the next century like the classic shotgun. Problem with that is noise. Zombies are attracted to other…things. They like staying in hordes, they like eating together and when given the invite, they gather. That invite is a loud as hell gun firing in the quiet morning. I’ve learned the best thing is to have it, but not use it unless it’s absolutely needed. Sadly, same with the chainsaw. I, personally, love feeling the blade grinding into a corpse’s head, feeling it tear apart its very existence. But, yes, a chainsaw is loud. Again, use only if you have to.

When I’m not killing zombies I have to stay on target, which means looking for zombies to kill. And yes, I have composed a “wish list” of weapons I want. If you want to share this with my vampire lover, Tyran, I won’t be mad.

The only long distance silent weapon I can think of would be a crossbow.  I’ve tried a bow and arrow, but getting enough momentum can be difficult. The crossbow takes all of that away. I wouldn’t mind having one. But you know what I’ve dreamt about having on more than one occasion? Bladed nunchaku. Yes, nunchakus with box cutters on the ends. I could do a Bruce Lee move and slice open a zombie’s head. *sigh* I can see it now. Me, in a kick ass corset and boots, doing a Ninja Turtle move…a girl dares to dream. But I’m still asking Santa for one.

So those are the weapons I find are and are not effective in killing zombies. In the end, if it’s sharp enough or heavy enough, it can be used. In a zombie apocalypse you have to keep your eyes peeled for anything that will save your ass. Some weird things have definitely saved mine. As long as you destroy the brain without making noise and without getting bitten, it’s a success. As for the execution, don’t get fancy. That can be the kiss of death. Strong movements and focus will get you far. And remember, zombies moan a lot, so always listen for one closing in.

Thank you, Ms. Jessica, for allowing me to stop by and educate your people a bit on my day job. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a horde coming and I need a thrill.

Kat, you are welcome back anytime!!!  I'm not really into Zombies, but your day job sounds like a lot of fun!!!!  Thanks again for visiting the blog today!!!  


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