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Guest Post and Review for Love Curse by Nadia Kim!!!

What would you do if you woke up one day and was able to do things you couldn’t explain? Would you think there was something wrong, perhaps that you were crazy? This is the life of Sidney. A teenager in high school, struggling with the adjustment of transferring schools, her life takes a turn for the strange. Fearing the idea of uttering the words to any one, Sidney holds her secret close to her heart. To add  to the drama she struggles like most young women dealing with boys. Will Sidney crumble from the pressure of school? Or check in to a luny bin for thinking she was imagining the weird occurrences around her?
On the opposite side of time Joan is immersed in the world of Witchcraft, her powers begin to grow stronger after she is inducted into the coven her maternal line belongs to. But Joan finds herself conflicted when she is ripped from all she knows. Her new environment doesnt lend to her mastering her powers and whats worse, she is forbidden to use them. Joan’s deepest desire goes against what her mother and grandmother have commanded of her. Will Joan make the right decision and abide by their wishes, or will she rip the family apart with the plan she is putting together?

Ok, today I have Nadia Kim visiting the blog today!!  She is the author of Love Curse, which is available now!!  Welcome Nadia!!

Title: What's your taste?
I spent the entire weekend debating over what I wanted to talk about in this guest post. After a lot of time chewing on different ideas, one popped in my head this morning that just lingered until I started writing about it. I have many times sat back and looked at the types of books two of my children were drawn to. The genres that motivated them to read. I wondered if they would be like me with the types of novels that pulled me in and took me away on an adventure to another world as I was a child, or even as I have grown up, mainly paranormal romance.

I found that my eldest who is only eight by the way, is more into books that are funny, like "Sidways stories from Wayside School." She also liked books like "Dork Diaries," actually read the whole series. And what is amazing is, normally you have to fight the girl to get her to read. But give her one of those books and you can't pull her out. My son on the other hand who is only six, seems to be drawn to more historical books sometimes, like when the wind blows him in that direction, meaning he learned about it in school and his thirst for knowlege propelled him to ask questions and read more about the topic. I am very proud of him for this and can see he has a curiosity like mine.

Kind of reminds me of some of the movies based on historical events I have seen. Like "Elizabeth" or "The Other Boylen Girl" both were great movies and I engjoyed watching them, but found that afterward I was left wanting. I needed to know what really happend, if the movies were accurate in their portrayals. I digress. The other types of books I saw that my son liked were in complete contrast to historical books. They were graphic novels, stemming from characters he was interested in at the time, like "Lego Star Wars" really any thing similar like there is this series that is not a graphic novel called, "The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee: An oragami yoda book." I haven't read this and have no idea what its about but actually both my kids are drawn to it.

I remember growing up and being interested in books like the "Babysitters Club" and there was a series that kind of reminds me of the "Magic Tree House" series but I cannot remember it. I wanted to read all those books and would have my parents buy them for me but I never read any of them, at least not many of the pages of them. Which is funny. But when I turned eleven and my brother was reading "Interview with a Vampire" I became intrigued. I needed to know what it was about. Something almost mystical lured me to that book. And when I started it, I didnt put it down until it was done. It was my first full lenght adult novel and after I was hooked. I needed to know more, wanted to read more about Vampires. It was an obsession for sure. I found myself at video stores renting old vampire movies. It was a thirst that was never truly quenched. After that I really found my desire to write my own. It was the inspriation that lead me to want to be an author. Have you ever read a book that just inspired you to want to write your own of the same genre? It touches you in a way you can't explain but nestles its way into your heart, creating such a deep desire that nothing but your own story can fill it. That's where I found myself. But this is the type of desire that cannot be forced. It has to come naturally. You can't fake it like an orgasm. No, this is the story that will flow free from your bosom like mother's milk. All in good time when you least expect it.

I found myself there, finally after years and I am halfway done with that book. But marketing is all about timing and even though I will have enjoyed writing this book more than any other, it will have to wait its turn until the time is right to unleash it on the world.

What's your taste?


This book wasn't my typical book that I usually read.  It's about witches, so I took a chance reading it.  I like it when I take chances on new book types!  

This book is two stories in one, which I loved!  The first is based in the fifties, and is the story of Joan.  At first it starts with her discovery of being a witch and realizing she has powers, and then you see her grow not only as a woman, but a powerful witch.  I loved seeing how Joan learned to control her powers that she was at first scared of.  She falls in love with the next door neighbor, but isn't happy with her life.  She misses her hometown, and knows that the High Priestess of their coven can train her to control the powers she has.  

The other story that is going on is Sidney's story.  She's fourteen, and is your typical teenage girl.  There were parts of her story that I wasn't very comfortable with, but I did enjoy seeing how she grew up into a woman.  What she's craving for is someone to love her completely and wholeheartedly.  After one horrible relationship, and another horrible date, she's leary of men.  She's scared of what their intentions are, and if they really feel something for her.  She does find that in a childhood friend, but she's still apprenhensive about his intentions.  

Suddenly, she realizes she has certain powers.  She's confused by what's going on with her, but doesn't say anything for fear her parents will think she's crazy.  Also, she's at her wits end with her parents.  They are constantly fighting with each other, and she's sick of hearing it every night.  Soon, she's forced to confront her mother about it, and is heartbroken when they come to devastating decision.  The one saving grace is her boyfriend, who she loves dearly.  

I liked both stories very much, and I thought it was a very well written book.  Also, I would love to be a witch... to be able to control the elements... yea would love that!!  I would love to read book 2, because I would like to know what happens with Sidney and her growing powers.  She has a lot of unanswered questions, and it would be nice to see what the answers are, and if she's able to grow as much as Joan did!!


Author Bio:
Nadia grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC. Her childhood was hard and her teenage years even harder. She faced challenges that molded the person she is today and provided good dramatic material for her novels. 
Aside from writing Nadia had one other aspiration, to marry and have children. She is now married with three children. In her spare time she plays with her children, spends time as a family, plays softball and likes to watch movies and TV shows. 

Nadia is of mixed heritage, her mother comes from a long maternal line of women who were born and raised in bondage and children of slave owners. Her father was from an aristocratic family in Syria. Both her parents have enriched her life by surrounding her with people of different diversities, religions, ethnic backgrounds. 

As a child Nadia spent her time aspiring to be a writer and an actor. She took many acting classes and was part of many plays over the years. She also studied Kung Fu for six years during her teens and was a national champion.

Having spent many time writing short stories most of her life, Nadia finnaly realized her dream of becoming a published author earlier this year. Her first novel Reflection was inspired by a series of events where she met someone who seemed to live a parallel life to her own. 

She recently began to study Kabbalah which has had the biggest positive impact in her life. The changes have led her down a path to happiness. Nadia continues to write and has more stories to come. 

Stay tuned



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