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Review for It Started With A Kiss by Lindy Dale!!!

Title: It Started With a Kiss
Author:  Lindy Dale
Published: October 10th, 2013
Publisher:  Secret Creek Press
Word Count:  21,000
Genre:  Contemporary Women's Fiction/ Chick Lit

Out for a jog one Saturday afternoon, Georgie Bird is greeted by two things she never expected to see ~ a huge lump of dog doings on the sole of her shoe and her old boyfriend Nate. Nate and Georgie had been the only peas in the pod growing up and in the twelve years since they’ve seen each other, neither of them seems to have forgotten. Over a cup of coffee and a series of shared recollections, Georgie and Nate begin to rekindle the embers of the love they lost.
But can they save the relationship or will their one night of passion bring the closure they never had?


My only complaint about this book was the length.  I wished it had been longer.  Other then that, I loved it!!

It was a quick read, which is one of the reasons I loved it!  I always love a quick read, and it makes it all the better when the story is great!

Georgie is surprised to run into her first love Nate Adams while out running.  Little does she know it would bring back a childhood of memories.  When they have coffee and dinner, the feelings she thought were gone come back, and soon she finds herself talking about the past with Nate.

I thought it was the cutest thing when she and Nate get married when they were kids, right down to the ceremony.  It's something I can see two eight years olds doing!!  

Unfortunately life got in the way, and Nate and Georgie break up.  He's not far from her thoughts, and she's not far from his.  She was it for him, and Nate was it for her.  She just doesn't realize it until he's in front of her and she doesn't want to let him go again.  

I loved reading about them growing up and sharing major moments together.  Then when they are reunited, both are unwilling to let the other go.  Now that they are adults, they aren't allowing anyone to get in their way.

I thought this was a really cute story.  I read it really quickly, which is something I love!  

About the Author:

Lindy has lived on an acreage in country Western Australia for the past two years, after moving from the big city of Perth. She shares this laid back lifestyle with her long suffering and handsome husband, Big G, her two dogs and a flock of sheep named after the Brady Bunch characters. She also has two fabulously talented children who are pursuing their own creative careers and will one day be famous! Lindy began writing at University but never really wanted  to be 'an author'. She wanted to be a Princess or at worst a Kindergarten teacher. Her first novel, Heart of Glass was penned in 2007 and since then she has developed her voice as a Chick Lit and Women's Fiction author. Her greatest achievement to date is having a Top Five Bestseller on the Short Stories List with Amazon early in 2013. Filled with hilarious and sweet moments the novella, A Cupid Kind of Day, is a good representation of Lindy's hunorous writing style.

On a good day ~ when not at her day job teaching literacy ~ you can find Lindy lurking around Twitter and Facebook generally seeing how much useless information she can impart in 140 characters or less. She's a hopeless U2 and Bon Jovi fan, a rugby union fanatic, coffee lover, chocoholic, over-exaggerator, trashy TV, music and iPhone addict. If you can't Google it then it's not worth knowing!


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L.A. Dale said...

Thank you so much for the lovely review :)
Lindy xoxo

Jess's Journal said...

No problem! I loved reading it!!!

Michelle Lewis said...

First off Thank you for this chance to win and second I just LOVE the cover of the book,it's sweet and after reading the blurb I thing i'll enjoy reading it.

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