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Review for Revealing Kia by Airicka Phoenix!!

Book Title: Revealing Kia
Author: Airicka Phoenix
Series: The Lost Girl Series, book #2
Publisher: Fire & Ash Publishing
Release date: November 18, 2013
Genre: Young Adult contemporary, coming of age romance
Warnings: Language and sexual content
Formats: eBook & Paperback
Buying Locations:
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The events of Claudia’s party were nothing more than a distant memory as far as Kia was concerned. She was ready to resume her life as though that night had never happened. But it’s a slippery slope keeping a secret and Kia’s about to learn just how hard when she’s faced with the truth and the consequences of her decision. 
Adam Chaves was no stranger to girls wanting him. He was no stranger to breaking hearts, although never intentionally. What he didn’t understand was how Kia could undress him, touch him, burn him with her eyes and still keep him at arm’s length when it was evident how much it cost her. But what Kia didn’t realize was that he had never given up on anything in his life and he wasn’t about to start now. He would have his girl even if it meant he had to kidnap her to do it.


First, let me say that this book is to be read after reading Finding Kia.  It is not a stand alone book!  

Ok, now... the review! 

I'm convinced that Airicka wrote Kia after me.  Just because I was Kia in highschool.  Shy, clumsy and liked to keep to myself.  I could only wish to have a guy like Adam vying for my attention.

Kia is torn.  After everything that happened at Cynthia's party, all she wants is Adam.  The problem is Vanessa; her best friend and Adam's younger sister.  She has pretty much made it clear that her friends are to stay away from her brother.  If she finds out that one of her friends fooled around with him, it would unforgiveable.  

What Kia doesn't know that Vanessa is making Adam pay for a mistake that he made years before.  A mistake that wasn't entirely his fault.  Kia is completely loyal to Vanessa and agrees to go to her family's cabin for the Christmas holiday.  The main reason is Adam isn't going to be there.  Imagine her surprise when she's woken up in the middle of the night by the very guy she's trying to avoid.  

During her stay at the cabin, she sees a side to Vanessa that she didn't expect to see.  Vanessa is extremely selfish, who believes that her brother is the favorite.  What she doesn't see is that her parents put expectations on Adam that are extremely hard for him to meet.  Kia sees it, and tries to be there for Adam when Vanessa isn't looking.  Little does she know that Adam has other plans.  

When Kia finds out that someone is out to get Vanessa, she urges her friend to tell someone.  Anyone.  Vanessa refuses and by doing this, pushes people that are important to her away.  She thinks she can handle this, but she can't.  She wants to be strong, but whoever is sending the nasty messages won't stop.  Little does she know that the very people she's pushing away are the ones who stand behind her.  

Soon Kia is forced to make a decision for her own happiness.  She can't stand seeing her best friend come apart, but she also isn't going to be backed into a corner because of her feelings for Adam.  If Vanessa refuses to get help, how is she to make her get help?  

It is when Kia helps Vanessa out in a pretty situation at school that she realizes what kind of friend she was pushing away.  Also, how selfish she was being to everyone in her family.  Although her behavior really got me angry, it didn't change the fact that Vanessa is a very nice person.  She was taking her anger out on the ones she loved, and chose to make her brother pay for something that wasn't all his fault.  

Now... Adam.... sigh... if only I had a guy like him in highschool.  He's perfect!  He makes it known to Kia that he will make it right with Vanessa, and his parting words at the end of Finding Kia will give any woman shivers!!   When he sees Kia sleeping in his bed at the cabin, he's tempted to join her, but knows he can't.  The attraction between them is obvious, but his sister is making it increasingly difficult for them to be together.  He loves Kia, and is determined to have her.  Vanessa is also determined to stop him from being happy, and in turn, stop her friend from being happy.  Kia seems to understand him better then any girl before her, and it angers him that Vanessa wants to stop them from being together.  

I absolutely loved this book.... no... the series!!!  I loved both books!  Kia was amazing!  She is completely true and loyal to Vanessa, even though her friend makes it hard to be her friend.  She is always there for Vanessa when she needs her, and is determined not to allow another... Claudia... to hurt her.  And boy... does Claudia get what is coming to her!  It made me want to have Kia for a friend!!  In that moment, Vanessa is floored that Kia would protect her, but being Kia, she couldn't just stand by and watch her best friend be bullied.  

I may just read this book again to get my Adam fix... because I'm going to be needing another one!!

“You better hurry.” The low, lazy drawl had me turning back to the room. Adam lay on his back, arms folded beneath his head. “I think I’m beginning to doze off again.” Stifling my laugh, I stole a peek up and down the hall before slipping inside and shutting the door. I crept across the room, careful not to stir Kenny who snored like he’d swallowed a blow horn. 

“I don’t know if I want to wake you,” I murmured, stopping when my knee bumped the edge of the mattress. “You might throw me into a snow bank, too.” There was something intense about the way he watched me. I didn’t know what it was, but it had my heart galloping and my body reacting in a way that brought a flush to my face. 

“The only place I’m going to throw you is right here.” He had my wrist before I could catch his meaning. I was yanked onto the bed, still warm and rumpled from his body. I might have squeaked or gasped or something, but it was a distant memory when his mouth took claim of mine. It wasn’t a kiss. It was war. It was cruel and hot and demanding. It was his hands ripping up my body, fisting in my clothes, in my hair as his body restrained mine, pinning me to the mattress. He kissed me as though he would die if he didn’t consume me. My legs were roughly thrown apart and my thighs were filled by the pressure of his hips settling into place. A sound between a whimper and a cry left me as his body aligned with mine in a way that sent fire racing through my veins. I was only barely conscious of anything except how much I wanted him to keep going. It was only due to the snort-grunt from the other occupant in the room that I tumbled down a notch from the heights he was taking me. 

“Kenny,” I gasped, my body bowing into his. He snarled. His fingers tightened in my hair, making me cry out as sharp slivers of delicious pleasure ripped through me. 

“Adam!” he hissed. “When you’re in my bed, it’s only Adam.” 

“Adam!” I obediently complied. Then he kissed me again.


Huddled beneath a perpetual cloud of imagination, International Best-Selling author Airicka Phoenix lives with her huband and four gorgeous children in the beautiful province of British Columbia. When she's not busy playing with her imaginary friends, creating worlds and toying with fictional lives, she can be found reading, polishing her collection of daggers, or chilling with her kids.
Airicka is the creator of THE TOUCH SAGA, THE SONS OF JUDGMENT SAGA, THE LOST GIRL SERIES, GAMES OF FIRE, and BETRAYING INNOCENCE. The conclusion of Finding Kia, book 2 of The Lost Girl Series, REVEALING KIA, will be out November 2013. She also has plans to release a Sci-Fi horror/romance, WHEN NIGHT FALLS, in December of 2013.
Airicka also writes adult paranormal & contemporary romance under her alter ego, Morgana Phoenix. She has a paranormal short coming out December 2013 in SNOWED IN, An Anthology and CAPTURE ME, Morgana's debut novel will be released Fall 2014.

For more about Airicka, visit her website at:


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